An investigation into the adsorption properties of chitosan prepared from crab shell:- Onwubuazu, Chimaraoke G


Chitosan was prepared from crab shells using standard chemical procedures. 1 he physicochemical properties, degree of deacetylation (74%) and ash content (1.19%) of the prepared chitosan...

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Evaluation Of Cassava Peel-Cassava Leaf Meal Diets For Meat And Milk Production By The West African Dwarf Goats In South-Eastern Nigeria:- Ukanwoko, Anthonia I.


Three experiments were conducted to determine the effects of cassava peel-cassava leaf meal based diets on nuiricnl intake and digestibility, carcass and milk yield ofWAD goats were...

105 pages (23343 words) · Dissertations · 6 days ago

Pre-Retirement Counselling and Self Instruction on Attitude of Secondary School Teachers towards Retirement in Owerri Municipal Council of Imo State:- Ogechi, Chuka-O.


 This study was carried out to determine the effect of pre-retirement counselling and selfinstruction techniques on teachers' attitude towards retirement in Imo State. The study was...

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Bio-psychosocial factors as predictors of hyperactive behaviour among pupils in South East Nigeria:- UKah, Genevieve N.


 This study investigated the extent bio-psychosocial factors predict hyperactive behaviours of pupils in South East, Nigeria. The study adopted a correlational research design. Seven...

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Variability studies of some rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis [Willd.ex.Adr.de Juss.] Muell. Arg.) genotypes established in an ultisol:- Ogidi, Eme G. O


Fourteen Hevea brasiliensis (Willd. ex Adr. de Juss.) Muell. Arg. genotypes were evaluated at the experimental station of the Rubber Research Institute of Institute of Nigeria, Ntang Inya...

134 pages (29091 words) · Dissertations · 17 days ago

Micromorphological, Phytochemical, Antimicrobial and Molecular Studies on six Senna species:- Jimoh, Mulikat A.


Six medicinally important Senna species were studied in order to provide complementary data from foliar epidermal features, phytochemical contents, antimicrobial properties and DNA...

119 pages (22654 words) · Dissertations · 17 days ago

Organ Changes And Laying Performance Of Forced-Moult Layers:- Mary, Anthony O.


 A total ofthree hundred and sixty Isa Brown layers aged 85 weeks but 64 weeks in lay were used to investigate the organ changes and laying performance of forced-moult layers. The...

169 pages (38348 words) · Dissertations · 3 months ago

Evaluation Of Effect Of The National Special Programme On Food Security On Yam And Cassava Production In South-East, Nigeria:- Mazza, Mary-Ann


The study evaluated the effect of the National Special Programme on Food Security (NSPFS) on yam and cassava production in South-East, Nigeria. Purposive and multistage random sampling...

155 pages (42402 words) · Dissertations · 3 months ago

On The Analysis Of Bilinear Time Series :- Okposin, Ekanem T.


This work is on the analysis of bilinear time series. The bilinear I time series models recognize volterra series. This is why the bilinear time series analysis is used as a paradigm in...

117 pages (15569 words) · Dissertations · 3 months ago

Evaluation Of Pigeon Pea-Cassava Peel Eased Diets For Goat Production In South-Eastern Nigeria:- Ahamefule, Francis O.


Three major experiments involving 28 adult and young West African dwarf goats were conducted to evaluate the effect of pigeon pea-cassava peel based diets on nutrient intake and...

198 pages (48487 words) · Dissertations · 3 months ago

“Performance ofGuinea Fowl raised in a Humid Tropical Environment:- Odukwe, Catherine N.


A total of414 keets raised in the humid tropical environment were used to study the performance of guinea fowls in five experiments. The experiments were 1; the effect of different colours...

142 pages (31507 words) · Dissertations · 4 months ago

: Response of stock market returns to changes in selected financial market indicators in Nigeria (2000-2016):- Opara, Confidence C.


 Financial Market indicators are quantitative factors that predict the future behaviour of financial assets prices and returns. Understanding how key financial market indicators...

148 pages (36226 words) · Dissertations · 4 months ago

Estimation Of Genetic and Phenotypic Parameters For Economic Traits In Rabbits Raised In The Humid Tropics Of Nigeria:- Akanno, Chima E.


 Data from 363 kitten obtained over period of 9 months (June, 2002 - March, 2003) from the mating of ten bucks and forty -four breeding does consisting of thirty Dutch and fourteen...

71 pages (12494 words) · Dissertations · 4 months ago

Nutritional Evaluation Of Some Agro-Industrial By-Products Using Pigs In The Humid Tropics:- Amaefule, Kevin U.


 Seven experiments were conducted with a total of 120 pigs to evaluate the nutritional value of palm kernel meal (PKM), brewers’ dried grain (BDG) and wheat offal (WO) using pigs in...

155 pages (36547 words) · Dissertations · 4 months ago

Impact Of Tax Revenues And Tax Policy Reforms On Economic Growth Of Nigeria:- Eke, Onyekachi A.


 This study examined the impact of tax revenues and tax policy reforms on economic growth of Nigeria. The specific objectives were to evaluate the impact oftax revenues on gross...

261 pages (65777 words) · Dissertations · 4 months ago

Effect of Sustainable Development Projects of Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (TEPNL) on Rural Livelihoods in Rivers State, Nigeria:- Abali, Innocent


The study was on the effect of sustainable development projects of Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (TEPNL) on rural livelihood activities in Rivers State, Nigeria. The...

161 pages (38530 words) · Dissertations · 4 months ago

Gender differentials in Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) Uptake by Research Scientists in Universities of Agriculture in Nigeria:-Olojede, Joy C.


 Information and communication technology (ICT) is seen as an umbrella in -which gap in information flow is covered and more especially gender gap, yet the issue of gender gap in...

162 pages (41803 words) · Dissertations · 4 months ago

Effectiveness of Communication Channels in Utilizing Cassava-based Technologies among Farmers in Southeast Zone of Nigeria:- Eluwa, Akubuike N.


The study evaluated the effectiveness of communication channels in utilization of cassava-based technologies in South-East agro- ecological zone of Nigeria. Imo and • Akwa-Ibom States were...

196 pages (49724 words) · Dissertations · 4 months ago

Adsorption of Cu(II), Cd(II) and Cr(III) ions from aqueous solutions using silica support immobilized with 3-aminopropyl trimethoxysilane salicylate:- Amanze, Kenneth O.


The adsorption of copper(ll), cadmium(ll) and chromium(lll) ions from aqueous solutions by unmodified and Schiff base-modified silica was investigated in this study. The pure silica and...

153 pages (23021 words) · Dissertations · 4 months ago

Impacts Of Some Selected Non-Timber Forest Products On Livelihoods In Rural Areas Of Imo State, Nigeria:- Ekwugha, Ugochi E.


Studies were conducted to evaluate the economic impacts of Pentadethra macrophylla, Monodora myristica and Gnetum africanum on rural areas of Imo State. The objectives were to determine...

157 pages (32873 words) · Dissertations · 4 months ago

Studies Of Plantain Based Ethno-Agroforestry In The Rainforest Ecosystem Of Southeastern Nigeria: Meregini, Apollos Obioha A.


The ethno-agroforestry practiced by fanners who grow plantain {Musa AAB, false horn) in rainforest ecosystems after clearing and burning of high forest vegetation in the Biase and Akamkpa...

168 pages (35095 words) · Dissertations · 4 months ago

Environmental Impact of Some Wood Waste Damps in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria:- Ndibukke, Etim Edet O.


Wood wastes dump sites in three timber markets in Akwa Ibom State; Itam timber market Itu, Utu Edem Usung timber market Ikot Ekpene and Abak timber market were chosen based on the amount...

123 pages (27051 words) · Dissertations · 5 months ago

Effect Of Management Systems On Growth, Carcass Quality And Reproductive Performance Of Muscovy Ducks (Cairina Moschata) In Humid Tropics


 A study was conducted to examine the status of duck production in humid tropics and the problems associated with its production and consumption. Four more experiments were then...

114 pages (26501 words) · Dissertations · 6 months ago

Effect of Baker’s Yeast (Saccharomycew cerevisiae) as Water and Feed Additive on Broiler chickens


Poultry occupies a unique position in the Nigerian livestock industry because they solutions to our national meat scarcity is to increase poultry production (Amaefule and Obioha, 2001)....

297 pages (71311 words) · Dissertations · 6 months ago

Structure, Conduct And Performance Of Sweetpotato Market In South East Agro-Ecological Zone, Nigeria


research was designed to examine the structure, conduct and performance of sweetpotato market in south east agro ecological zone of Nigeria. The objectives of the study examined were the...

151 pages (37414 words) · Dissertations · 6 months ago
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