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Melissopalynological Analysis Of Honey Produced By West African Honeybee (Apis Mellifera Adansonii Latereille ) In Selected Guinea Savanna States Of Nigeria


Investigations were carried out on mellisopalynological analysis of honey produced by West African honeybee (Apis mellifera, Adansonii latereille) in selected guinea savanna states of...

1 page (25556 words) · Thesis · 6 months ago

Performance Of Broiler Chickens Fed Three Different Leaf Meals (Calopogonium Mucunoides, Carica Papaya And Centrosema Pubescens) At Finisher Phase


A feeding trial was conducted to compare the effect of dietary inclusion of Calopogonium Leaf Meal, Pawpaw Leaf Meal (PLM), and Centrosema Leaf Meal on the performance of finishing broilers...

1 page (9918 words) · Thesis · 6 months ago

Bacterial Contamination Associated With Labour Ward And Delivery Rooms In Some Primary Healthcare Facilities Within Umuahia Metropolis.


Bacterial contamination of the labour and delivery room is of clinical concern because it is one of the major risk factors of sepsis in neonates and most life threatening nosocomial...

1 page (17525 words) · Thesis · 6 months ago

Quality Characteristics Of Plant Milks Produced From Blends Of Extracts From African Breadfruits, Tiger Nut, Coconut And Date Fruits


Plant milks formulated from breadfruit seeds, tiger nut, coconut and date fruit were evaluated and studied for quality characteristics and compared with the quality characteristics of a...

1 page (34624 words) · Thesis · 6 months ago

Strategies For Enhancing Students’ Skill Acquisition In Clothing And Textiles Education In Universities In Rivers State


The study sought to identify the strategies for enhancing students’ skill acquisition in clothing and textiles education in Universities in Rivers State. Survey research design was adopted...

1 page (30340 words) · Thesis · 6 months ago

Assessment Of The Effects Of Different Roof Catchments On Harvested Rainwater Quality For Domestic Uses In Umuahia Metropolis, Abia State, Nigeria


This study was carried out to determine the effects of different roof catchments on the quality of rainwater for domestic consumption in Umuahia Metropolis. The objectives of this study was...

1 page (30531 words) · Thesis · 6 months ago

Marketing Communication Tools And Savings Mobilization Drive Of Selected Microfinance Banks In Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria


The competitive landscape in the Microfinance Banking Industry has accentuated the need for effective marketing communication strategy in the marketing of bank services. The objective of...

1 page (17721 words) · Thesis · 6 months ago

Effects Of Pre-Germination Seed Treatments On The Germination And Early Seedling Growth Of Parkia Biglobosa (Jacg) R. Br. Ex G. Don) At Umudike, Nigeria


A study on pre-germination treatment on the germination and early seedling growth of Parkia biglobosa of the tropical rainforest using various pre-germination treatment was conducted at the...

63 pages (10945 words) · Projects / Dissertations · 6 months ago

Managerial Skills Required By Youths For Sustainable Rice (Oryza Sativa) Production In Ebonyi State


The study was carried out to identify the managerial skills required by youths for sustainable rice production in Ebonyi State. Six purposes guided the study; six research questions and six...

1 page (54801 words) · Thesis · 6 months ago

Development Of Life Span Forecasting Model For Khs Dmg–Vf84 Bottling Line System


A life span forecasting model for KHS DMG-VF84 bottling line system was developed in this study to predict life span for a preventive maintenance planning. A Linear multiple regression...

1 page (12500 words) · Thesis · 6 months ago
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