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Phytochemical Analysis And Determination Of The Crude Protein Content Of Vigna Radiata (Mungu Bean)


Phytochemical screening or two species of Vigna radiata (mungu bean) China specie (A) and Nigeria species (B) were carried out in their and unsprouted states using acceptable chemical and...

51 pages (7923 words) · Projects / Dissertations · 3 hours ago

Effects Of Organizational Structure On The Performance Of Selected Nigerian Commercial Banks


This study centers on the effects of organizational structure on the performance of selected Nigerian banks using First bank, diamond bank and Fidelity bank, Nigerian Plc as case study....

134 pages (32373 words) · Projects / Dissertations · 3 hours ago

Development And Performance Evaluation Of An Automated Garification Machine


An automated gartification machine comprising a feed hopper, cassava mash metering mechanism, toasting trough, paddle screw conveyor, heating chamber, charcoal stove, air blower and...

105 pages (23661 words) · Thesis · 3 hours ago

Influence Of Sex, Breed And Season On Birth Weight Of Lambs In The University Live Stock Teaching And Research Farm


Sheep like goat is a small ruminant with a high adoptability  climate. Sheep by nature is a germanous animal and it is generally  unlike goat which produce more than one young...

48 pages (8526 words) · Projects / Dissertations · 4 hours ago

Replacement Value Of Dried Cassava Peel Meal For Maize Offal On Yield And Composition Of Milk Of Tile West African Dwarf Goats


Two experiments involving the West African Dwarf (WAD) goats were conducted to evaluate nutrient intake and digestibility of diets containing varying levels of cassava peel meal. Twelve...

94 pages (22061 words) · Thesis · 4 hours ago

Effects Of Various Ratios Of Grass And Legume (Pennisetum purpureum And Leuceana leococephala) Concentrate Rations


 30 weaner rabbits were used to investigate the effect of various ratios of grass and legume (Penniseiwn pennisetum purpureum and Leucaena leucocephaia) on performance of werner...

83 pages (10040 words) · Projects / Dissertations · 4 hours ago

A Design And Implementation Of Web- Based Industrial Information System For Nigeria


A design and implementation of web- based industrial information with copious system for Nigeria — The giant of Africa, a country glue resources and great opportunities; the fourth largest...

86 pages (12200 words) · Projects / Dissertations · 4 hours ago

Rural Urban Migration: Implications For Farm Household Labour Supply And Food Security In Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria


The study evaluated the implications of rural urban migration for farm household labour supply and food security in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to assess the...

89 pages (23146 words) · Thesis · 4 hours ago

Modeling And Optimization Of Bioethanol Production Process From Lignocellulosic Material


This study was on modeling and optimization of bioethanol production process from a lignocellulosic material. The process entailed separate hydrolysis and fermentation (SJ{F) of corn...

129 pages (26403 words) · Projects / Dissertations · 4 hours ago

Response Of Broiler Chickens To Diets Supplemented With Probiotics (Lactobacillus Acidophilus)


The poultry industry' has developed in several areas such as nutrition, genetics and management to maximizing the growth performance and meat yield (Gunal el al.. 2006). Amaefule (2002)...

138 pages (34095 words) · Projects / Dissertations · 4 hours ago
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