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An Analysis Of Staff Perception On The Causes Of Low Productivity In The Nigeria Private Sector (A Study Of Valleumbra Flour Mill):- Ezeoma, Osonwa T.


This study was carried out to detennine staff perception on causes of low productivity in the Nigerian private sector (A study of valleumbra flour mills).The problems are, poor production...

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Capital Structure And Performance Differentials In Selected Livestock (Poultry And Piggery) Investments In Abia State, Nigeria:- Chima, Amarachi A.


This study analysed the capital structure and performance differentials in selected livestock investments in Abia State, Nigeria. The selected livestock enterprises for this study were the...

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Analysis Of Entrepreneurial Behaviour Of Cassava Farmers In Ebonyi State, Nigeria:- Oko-Isu, Anthony



The study employed entrepreneurial behavioural index (EBI) in the assessment of entrepreneurial . behaviour of the cassava farmers, multiple regressions for estimation of factors...

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Determinant Of Demand For Trade Credit Use Among Small Scale Businesses In Aba Metropolis Of Abia State (A Study Of Poultry Feed And Leather Products Operators):- Robert, Chukwu S.


This paper examined the motives for trade credit use among the small scale businesses like poultry feed enterprises and leather product operators. As a credit extended by a seller who does...

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Training As A Tool For Greater Productivity In The Public Sector (A Case Study Of Power Holding Company Of Nigeria Umuahia, Abia State.);- Uche, Oluchi E.



This research centres on training as a tool for greater productivity in the public sector using power holding company of Nigeria Umuahia as a case study. As identified in this...

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Analysis On Investment Behaviour Among Small Holder Pig Farmers In Asia State:- Onyemauwa, Nnaemeka


The study examined the analysis of investment behaviour among I smallholder: pig farmers in Abia State. Specifically the focus was to analyze I the socio- ! economic profile of farmers,...

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Effect of climate Change on Cocoa Production in Nigeria:- Balogun, Yusuf O.


 This research work focused on the effects of climate change on cocoa production in Nigeria. The specific objective of the study were to ascertain the trend of cocoa production,...

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Analysis Of Human Development Index On Agribusiness Sectors Of Nigeria:- Onorom, Divine N.


The agribusiness sectois of Nigeiia consist of business direct and indirect operation link to Agriculture. Agribusiness sectoi in this study focus on the farm production sub- sector which...

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Analysis Of Female Managers Leadership Style In Money Deposit Banks In Abia State, Nigeria


The study examines the efficiency of leadership styles exhibited by female managers in money deposit banks in Abia state Nigeria. The socio-economic characteristics of respondents were...

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Socio-Economic Impact Of Agricultural Development Programme On Cassava Production In Umuahia South Local Government Of Abia State


The study examined socio economic impact of ADP on cassava production in Umuahia South. Specific objectives outlined to achieve this broad objectives includes. To delineating the...

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The Impact Of job Evaluation On Wages /Salaries Determination (Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company Plc Aba)


The broad objective of the study is to analyze the impact of job evaluation on wage/salary determination. The study was conducted at Nigerian bottling company Aha. Primary data was used in...

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Evaluation Of The Savings And Investment Pattern Of Agribusiness Cooperative Firms In Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria


 The study examined the savings and investment among one hundred and sixty, agribusiness cooperative firms in Akwa lbom State. The agribusiness cooperatives firms in the state as...

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Impact of financial incentives on the productivity of workers in an organization case study of (NRCRI) Umudike


Motivation deficit urges, aspirations drives and needs of human beings which tends to direct, control and describe a particular behaviour individual or group of individual. A question of...

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Comparative Analysis of Small Holders Poultry Agribusinesses in Imo State.


This work gives an overview of the comparative analysis of small holders poultry agribusinesses in (Imo state. Poultry investment is seeing as one of the self employed lucrative businesses...

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Analysis Of Investment Patterns And Productivity Among Agribusiness Entrepreneurs In Imo State, Nigeria


This study considers the analysis of the investment pattern and productivity among agribusiness entrepreneur in Imo State. In sampling procedure, the study used random sapling technique in...

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Impact Of Rural Cooperatives On Agricultural Production In Benue State (A Case Of Guma Local Government Area)


This study was carried out to determine the impact of rural cooperatives on agricultural production in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State. The specific objectives of the study are:...

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Efficient Human Resources Management For Higher Productivity In Agriculture (A Study Of National Root Crops Research Institute Umudike, Abia State)


 The efficiency of the human resources management of an organization becomes doubtful when such organization is performing below expectation; and the National Root Crops Research...

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Evaluating The Attitude Of Employee Towards Performance Appraisal Process (A Study Of Nigeria Breweries Plc Aba, Abia State)


This study examines the attitude of employees towards performance appraisal in relation lo Nigeria Breweries Pie Aba, Abia State. The general objective of this study is to evaluate the...

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Effect Of Performance Appraisal On Workers Productivity (A Study Of Pz Plc Aba Nigeria)


The study is on the effect of performance appraisal on workers productivity. The study specifically looked at the socio economic characteristics of employees in PZ, knowledge of appraisal...

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Effects Of Human Resource Management On Workers Productivity (Unilever Nigeria Plc, Aba)


Human resource is very important in organizations, if organization is to c:.chieve its objective. Organizations are made up of people acquiring their services and developing their skill....

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Economic Determinants Of Agribusiness Choice Of Location In Abia State, Nigeria.


Location choice is an integral, yet often overlooked facet of firm strategy (porter 2000). Through its impact on operating costs and revenues location decisions can influence the...

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The role of Cooperative Societies in the Development of Small and Medium Scale Industries a case study of Udi L.G.A, Enugu State


This study analyzed the role of cooperative societies in the development of small and medium scale industries in Udi L.G.A. Enugu State. The specific objectives includes to ascertain the...

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Analysis Of The Role Of Women In Cocoyam Production: Implications For Agribusiness Development In Abia State, A Case Study Of Umuahia North L.G.A. Abia State Nigeria


The Analysis of Role of Women in Cocoyam Production: Implication for Agicbusiness Development in Nigeria was researched into. The result showed that women in the area studied viewed...

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Empirical Assessment Of Micro-Credit Utilization Among Agro-Entrepreneurs: A Study Of Cassava Production In Abia State


This work is focused on the empirical assessment of micro credit utilization among agro-entrepreneurs. A study of cassava production in Ahia State, this study delves into the application...

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Challenges Of Human Resource Management Practices Towards, Employee's Productivity (A Study Of National Root- Crops Research Institute, Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria.


This study aims at examining the challenges of human resource management practices towards employee's productivity. This was necessitated by critical look into the management process of...

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