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Legendre Polynomials, Properties And Applications


Legendre's equation is a second order differential equation given as (1 -x2 -2xy'+m(m+l)y=O Like most differential equations, it can be solved using various methods. This work uses the...

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Partial Purification And Some Properties Of B-Glucosidase From Rubber (Hevea Brasiliensis) Seed.


The Hydrolytic Activity of Endogenous B-Glucosidsc Of Tevea Brasiliensis Towards The Cyanogenic Glycosides Of Rubber Seeds Was Investigated, Followed Dy The Study Of The Partial...

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A Study On The Incidence And Abundance Of Insect Pests Of Stored Maize Some Selected Towns In Imo State


 A study on the incidence and abundance of insect pests of stored maize in rural situations was conducted from August 2003 to December 2003 in three towns in Imo State. The towns of...

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Taxonomic Study On Manihotesculenta (Crantz) And Ma Nihotglaziovii (Mull . Arc.) Complex In Nigeria


Anatomical, histochemical, palynological and chemical Composite)n studies Were conducted on four varieties of cassava ( NR-8082., NR-8083,NR-82 12. and NR-30572) collected from...

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Cultivation Of Edible Mushroom Pleurotus Eous (Berkerley) Saccardo


The effect of supplemented rice straw with 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% goat manure the fruit body yield of Pleurotus eous has been investigated in this work. The greatest yield (weight...

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The Effect Of Supplementation Of Rice Straw Substrate With Soya Bean Chaff On Fruit Body Production Of Pleurotus Florida


It is show in this study that Pleurotusfiorida, an edible mushroom, grows very well and readily produces abundant fruitbodies on supplemented rice straw as its substrate....

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Cultivation Of Pleurotus Florida On Amended Rice Straw Substrate


In this study, the effect of supplementing rice straw substrate with chicken manure, on yield of mushrooms in Pleurotus florida has been investigated. The greatest weight and...

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Toxicity Studies Of Petroleum Drilling Mud Additive (Chrome Lignosuldonate) On Microbial Floria Of Fresh Water Fish (Heterobranchus Longitfillis) In A Defined Environment


The microbiological analysis' of fresh water fish (Ilelerobranchus Longilifis) and the water environment were done to determine the sensitivity of the fish to petroleum drilling ...

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The Use Of Some Grass Straws In The Cultivation Of The Edible Mushroom, Pleurotus Ostreatus Var. Florida, Eger


Different growth media an4 environmental variables of temperature and pH affected the vegetative growth of  osirealus var florida. AdropogHo straw produced significantly...

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Stability To Biodeterioration Of Palm Olls From Two Varieties Of Oil Palm (Elaeis Guieensis.) .Jacquin.


Palm oils extracted from different varieties of Elacis guineensis (dura and te,iera) were examined for their stabilities to microbial deterioration. Twenty six fungi and twenty two...

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The Combined Effects Of Albendazole And Mectizan In The Treatment Of Lymphatic Filariasis: A Case Study Of Four Rural Communities In Obubra L. G. A.; Cross River State Nigeria.


The efficacy of combination of aibendazole and mectizan (400 mg/kg and 3 mg/kg) over single doses of mectizan and albendazole (400 mg/kg and 3mg / kg respectively) in the...

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Incidence Of Hiv Infection In Adults Who Attended Federal Medical Center, Umuahia From 1999-2003.


Records of 14,523 patients who went for HIV screening from Januaiy,1999 to December, 2003, at Federal medical center, Umuahia were examined and reported, taking into consideration...

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Taxonomic Studies On Hyptis Suaveolens Por. And Ocimum Gratissimum L. Complex (Lamiceae)


The genus Ocimum is characterized by a great variability of both morphology and chemotypes. The case of cross-pollination leads to a large number of subspecies, varieties and...

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Studies On The Effect Of Paper Recycling Mill Effluent On The Physicochemical And Microbiological Quality Of Imo River Watershed At Owerrinta, Abia State


Rapid Industrialization has led to an increase in industrial  (alit discharge into inland and marine waters. The discharge of effluents into bodies is hazardous to organisms...

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Biosystematic Studies On Some Species Of Indigofera L. (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae)


Studies on the taxonomy of eight species of Ind(gofera L. (Leguminosae — Papilionoideae) in Eastern Nigeria were undertaken. These studies were based on such lines of evidence as...

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Taxonomic Studies On Some V16'na Savi Species (Leguminosae - Papilionoideae)


Taxanomic studies on eight species of Vigna Savi (Leguminosae —Papilionoideae) in eastern part of Nigeria were carried out using morphological, anatomical, histochemical,...

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Growth And Yield Response Of Soybean Varieties To Different Types And Rates Of Nitrogen Fertilizer In Abia State, Nigeria


Pot experiment was conducted outside the greenhouse of Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike to evaluate the response of soybean varieties (TGX 1440 and TGX...

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A Study Pf Two Co-Infections Of Two Parasites In Male Albino Mice


A study of two co-infections between Tiypanosoma brucei and  baker, infections were studied in male albino mice. The mice were divided into six groups of five mice per...

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The Effects Of Some Centrosema Species On Soil Fertility Improvement


The study of the effects of legumes on soil fertility improvement is essential due to declining productivity of many tropical soils which are the major constraints limiting ...

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Effect Of Oil Spillage On Soil In The Niger Delta


This research work examines the effect of oil spillage on Soil in the Niger Delta. General knowledge of oil spillage is highlighted. Problems arising from payment of compensation...

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Distribution Of Heavy Metals In Oil Extracts Of Some Nigerian Foodstuff


Technological advancement in this country (Nigeria) has led to an increase in toxic substances discharged into our environment through domestic, Agricultural and Industrial...

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A Study Of The Yeast Flora And Effect Of Pure Culture Seeding During The Fermentation Process Of Melon Pods For Recovery Of Seeds.


Melons (Colocynthis citrullus L.) are widely grown in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa for their seeds, which are rich in proteins and oil (Oyenuga and Fetuga 1975; Oyolu...

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Effects Of Used Lubricating Oil-Polluted Soil On Growth And Development Of Vetiver (Chrysopogon Zizanioides (Linn.) Nash ) And Horse Grass(Andropogon Tectorum Schum And Thonn (Poaceae))


This study examined the effects of used lubricating oil-polluted soil on the morphology, anatomy, growth and development of chrysopogon zizanioides and Andropogon tectorum. Top...

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Phytoremediation Potential Of Selected Mucuna Species In Crude Oil Polluted Soils.


Phytoremediation uses plants whose rhizospheres are able to accumulate heavy metals from the soil. The phytommediation and phytoindication potential of three Mucuna species in...

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Studies On Aspergillus Niger And Penicillium Oxialicum As Biocontrol Agents Of The Storage Pests Si To Phil Us Zeamays Of Maize (Zea Mays) And Callosobruchus Maculatus Of Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata) In Nigeria


The potentials of fungi; Aspergillus niger and Penici/lium oxalicun, in checking weevils, callosobruchus maculahis (Fab) and Silophiliis zeamais (Molt) in stored grains were ...

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