Hotel Management and Tourism

Challenges To Quality Service Delivery In Hotels In Umuahia, Abia State


The study challenges to quality service delivery in hotels in Umuahia town, Abia state. The objectives of this study were identifying and defining the concept of quality service delivery...

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Predictors Of Passenger Choice Of Airline In Nigeria


This study assesses the predictors of customer choice of airline in Nigeria. Specifically, the aim of this study is to identify the services provided by the airline operators to customers...

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Evaluation Of The Application Of Marketing Strategies Of Hotels In South-East Nigeria.


This study examined the evaluation of the marketing strategies used in hospitality establishments in south-East Nigeria. Specifically the  work identified the marketing strategies used...

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Recycling Of Household Solid Waste For Economic Regeneration And Resource Recovery “3R” in South East Nigeria


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Nutrient Composition And Organoleptic Properties Of Some Edible Fresh And Dried Vegetables (Bitter Leaves, Okro, Utazi And Scent Leaves) Common In South East Nigeria


This study evaluated the nutrient composition and organoleptic properties of raw dried and fresh edible vegetable (bitter leaves, okra, utazi and scent leaves) common in South East Nigeria....

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Correlating Family Functioning And Behaviour Outcome Of Students In Tertiary Institutions In Akwa Ibom State


This study was designed to ascertain the relationship between family functioning and the behaviour outcome of students in tertiary institutions. Seven research questions were raised to...

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Assessment Of Gastronomic Tourism Potentials Of Owerri, As A Marketable Tourism Tool In Imo State


This work assessed the gastronomic tourism potentials of Owerri Metropolis in Imo State as a marketable tourism tool. Six research questions were raised and answered in line with the...

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Identification Of Food Preferences Of The Aged In Obowo Local Government Area Of Imo State


 This study investigated the identification of food preferences of aged in Obowo local government area of Imo State to determine the types of food nutrient preferred by these aged and...

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Security Practices Of Some Tourism Destinations In Owerri Metropolis In The Face Of Recent Challenges In Nigeria.


 The study was carried out to know the security practices of some tourism destinations in Owem metropolis in the face of recent challenges in Nigeria. The objective of the research...

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Employee Attitude towards Customer Care And Customer Satisfaction Of Selected Hotels In Aba


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The Role Of Customer Satisfaction And Maintenance Culture In The Sustainability Of Hospitality Industries In Umuahia North And South Local Government Areas Of Abia State


This study investigates the topic: the role of customer satisfaction and maintenance culture. in the sustainability of hospitality establishments in Umuahia North and South LGAs. The...

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In —Service Training And Development Of Co-Operate Performance In The Hospitality Industry


 The research critical examined in service training and development of co-operate performance in the hospitality industry. Training and development is designed specifically to enhance...

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Factors Affecting Choice Of Accommodation While On Holiday Among The Working Class In The Universities, In Abia State.


 The work investigated the factors affecting choice of accommodation while on holiday by the working class in University in Abia State. The study had six objectives. Examine the...

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Development Of Functional Apparel For Female Fishmongers In Abia State Using Computer Aided Design


The study focused on the development functional apparel for female fishmongers in Abia State using Computer Aided Design.. Specifically it was designed; to determine the design criteria...

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Determining Financial Management Problems Of Teaching Mothers In Federal Colleges Of Education In Eastern Zone Of Nigeria


This study ascertained financial management problems of mothers teaching in federal Institutions in the Eastern zones of Nigeria. Specific objectives include identifying the financial...

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The Influence Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction In Hospitality Operations


The purpose of this study is to determine the influence of service quality on customer satisfaction in hospitality operations. Service quality is an issue of great impact in any human...

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Family Structure And Prevalence Of Mal-Adaptive Behaviours Among Secondary School Adolescent Students In Umuahia, Abia State


The study focused on family structure and mal-adaptive behaviours among secondary school adolescent students in Umuahia, Abia State. Specifically this was designed to find out the effect...

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Financial Management Of Families With Fluctuating Income In Aba North And South


A simple frequency table, Percentage, as chi-square technique were used to analyze the data and test the to theses for the study. It was discovered that most families in Aba were...

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The Management Formation System In Hospitality Industry In Attainment Of Goals.


This research was earned out to determine the impact of' management information system (IMS) in the hospitality industry. Four (4) hotels employing IMS were selected randomly from two (2)...

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Motivation Towards Workers Productivity In Hospitality Industry. (A Case Study Of Landmark Hotel, Port Harcourt)


The study examined the impact of motivation towards workers productivity in hopita1ity industry. Motivation is what causes people to act Cr do something in a particular way. By...

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Effect Of Guest Perception On The Use Of Electronic Word Of Mouth By Hotels On Hotel Petronage In Umuahia Metropolis Of Abia State.


In the hospitality industry, advancements in information communication technology have led to an increase in online reviews written by guests. This research work evaluates the electronic...

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Perception Of Motivational Level By Hotels Industry Workers In Owerri Metropolis


This research work was evaluated to investigate and assess the forms of motivation given to hotel industry workers in Owerri metropolis, where the objectives of the study are: to find out...

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The Influence Of Tourism Development On The Lifestyle Of The Host Communities Of Nike Lake Resort, Enugu State


This research work was on the influence of tourism development on the lifestyle of the host communities of Nike Lake Resort, Enugu state. The main objective of this research work is to...

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A Study Of Recreation Parks And Gardens In Umuahia Capital Territory


The study identified recreation parks and gardens in Umuahia Capital Territory. The survey design was used. The population for the study comprised sixty (60) officials of recreational...

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Parents' Perceptions Of Fertility And The Changing Cost Of Maintenance And Value Of Children In Abia State.


This study investigated parents' perception of fertility and the changing cost and value of children among the Igbo communities in Abia State and their impact on reproductive behaviour....

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