Human Nutrition

Utilization, Chemical And Sensory Evaluation Of ‘Mmeme’ (Asystasia gangetica) and ‘Inyang-afia (Amaranthus hybridus).


The aim of this study was to assess the utilization, chemical and sensory evaluation of ‘Mmeme’ (Asystacia gagentica) and ‘Inyang-afia (Amaranthus hybridus).Vegetables were cleaned,...

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Nutrient Composition And Sensory Evaluation Of Commercial Yoghurts Sold In Umuahia Town


This research was carried out to produce soy yoghurt from soy milk and to determine the nutrient composition on soy yoghurt as well as some brands of conventional milk yoghurt. Soy beans...

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Assessing Nutrient Intake And Nutritional Status Of The Elderly Living In Ikot Ekpene L.G.A


Ageing is the process of growing old. It is the changes that occur as a result of passing of time (Hornby, 1990). East wood (1997) specifically described it as the regression of...

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Characterization Of Oil From Ufuku (Hilde Gardia Barteri) Seed, Antinutritional Factors And Their Sensory Attributes In Traditional Butter And Oil Spread Production


The study determined the physical and chemical characteristics of oil extracted from Ufuku(Hilde gardia barteri), and the anti-nutrients of ufuku seed. The physical characteristic of oil...

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The Development And Sensory Evaluation Of Products From Cocoyam (Colocasia — Esculenta) And Soybean (Glycine Max), Plantain (Musa Species) Flour Blends In Cake Making


The study was on the development and sensory evaluation of products from cocoyam, plantain and soybean flour blends. These foods were purchased from Owerri main market. The cocoyam,...

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Body Mass Index, Nutrient Intakes And Iron Status Of Pregnant Women At Different Trimesters In Umuahia.


A cross sectional study was carried out on (n=60) pregnant women attending clinics at federal medical centre Umuahia. The study was designed to examine their body mass index, iron status...

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Recipe Diversification And Enrichment Of Diabetic Diet Using Soyabeans And Water Yam (Dioscorea Alata)


This study examined diversification and enrichment of diabetic diet using soyabeans flour to enrich water yam flour. Federal Medical Centre Umuahia was used for the study. Both the control...

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Identification And Nutrient Composition Of Four Most Popular Soups Consumed In Igbere Community In Bende Local Government Area, Abia State


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Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Exclusive Breastfeeding Among Nursing Mothers In Federal Medical Centre Umuahia And Michael Okpara University Clinic, Umudike Both In Umuahia Abia State.


The research was carried out among 150 nursing mothers and data collected using a structured questionnaire. Most of the 133 (93.0%) respondent encouraged the practice of exclusive...

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Proximate And Functional Properties Of Cassava And African Yam Bean Flour Blends


Flour blends were produced from cassava and African Yam bean on replacement basis of 100%. 75%, 25%, 50%, 25%, 75% and 0%. 100% (cassava and African Yam bean) was used to produce biscuit...

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Anthropometric Measurement Of Preschool Children In Aba North And South Local Government Areas Of Abia State


Anthropometric measurement of preschool children in Aba North and South Local Government areas of Abia State was carried out in order to know the growth rate of the preschool children....

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Production And Evaluation Of Biscuit And Bread Using Millet, Pigeon Pea And Cassava Flour


This study was aimed at investigating the chemical composition and sensory evaluation of biscuit and bread, also to formulate composite flours using millet (Pennisetum glaucum), pigeon pea...

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Comparative Study On The Prevelence, Risk Factors And Dietary Management Of Hypertensive Outpatients In Tertiary Hospitals Of Cross River And Abia States


 Prevalence of hypertension in the world varies widely and has increased significantly over the years in developing countries of the world such as Nigeria. Low compliance to medical...

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Nutrients And Sensory Evaluation Of Turmeric Drink (Nigeria Curcuma Longa L)


This research identified and investigated the nutrients and sensory evaluation of turmeric drink (Curcuma longa L) (NCLI) using orange and pineapple drink to compare analytically and its...

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Chemical And Organoleptic Evaluation Of Complementary Food Formulated From Maize, Pigeon Pea And Cooking Banana Flours.


This study was carried out in order to develop nutritious and acceptable blends of complementary food based on maize, pigeon pea and cooking bananas. The cereal (maize) and legume (pigeon...

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The Chemical Composition And Sensory Properties Of Fruit Juices Prepared From Velvet Tamarind (Dalium Guineese Wild), Pineapple And Paw-Paw



Fruit Are The Succulent Or Fleshy Covering Of Nuts Or Seeds (Ihekereonye And Ngoddy, 1985). With Research And Development In Nigeria, Every Major Fruits Of The Tropics Are A...

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Effect Of Processing On The Nutrient Composition Of Breadnut artocoxpus Camansi) Seeds


This study was conducted to assess the effect of processing on the nutrient composition of breadnut seeds. Three portions of breadnut seeds were boiled at 2800C for different cooking times...

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Food Habits And Health Status Of The Elderly In Umuhaja South L.G.A


The study focused on feeding patterns and health status of the elderly in Umuahia South Local Government Area of Abia State with the aim of determining their feeding habits, health status...

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Nutrient Composition And Sensory Evaluation Of Juice Made From Yellow Mombin Fruits (Spondias Mombin)


This study was designed to determine the nutrient and sensory evaluation of spondias mombin Fruit juice otherwise called yellow mombin fruit juice or Ishikere in lgbo language. The juice...

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Nutrient Composition And Sensory Evaluation Of African Breadfruit (Treculia Africana) Supplemented With Sun-Dried Unripe Plantain Peel


Treculia Africana (African breadfruit) is a member of the Moracea family. It is widely grown in southern Nigeria for its seed. It is a common forest tree known by various tribal names in...

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Infant Feeding Practices Of Mothers Attending Post-Natal Clinic In Umuahia


This study was conducted in Umiahia urban and rural in Abia state to find out the infant feeding practices. A structured questionnaire was administered to mothers and the anthropometric...

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A Comparative Study Of Micronutrient Contents Of Complementary Foods Used By Igbo And Hausa Mothers In Umuahia Community Of Abia State


A comparative study on micronutrient contents of complementary foods used by Igbo and Hausa mothers was conducted in Umuahia, Abia State. A total of 100 nursing mothers were randomly...

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Evaluation Of The Nutrient Content Of Raw Turmeric (Nigerian Curcuma Longa L. (NCLL)


The experiment was conducted to determine the proximate composition, mineral, vitamin and ant nutrient content of raw turmeric. This study is part of an ongoing work on improving the...

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A Study Of Complementary Feeding Practices Of Mothers And Nutritional Status Of Children In Annang, Akwa Ibom State


This study was designed to identify complementary feeding practices and food used by mothers in Annang, Akwa lbom State,Nigeria. A structure validated and pretested questionnaire was...

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Proximate Composition And Lipid Profile Analysis Of Crude Oil Extracts From Boiled An]) Roasted Croaker Fish (Pseudotolithus. Spp) And Mackerel Fish (Scomber Scrombus).


Fish however, cannot be consumed in a raw state. It must be properly pre-treated either by boiling, frying, smoking, roasting, cooking in batter or by processing for further use, to ensure...

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