Writing Research Projects: Amogu, Uma K.

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Research project, thesis, dissertation or long essay writing as the case may be represents a very crucial stage in the career of every student or scholar in any institution of higher learning. Curricula of various institutions of higher learning require students to conduct good academic research, with a view to identifying a problem in their specific areas of study or discipline before graduation. In most universities, such research work submitted to a university in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a Ph.D degree is referred to as dissertation, while those submitted in partial fulfilment for a Master's degree is referred to as thesis (Reitz, 2004). At the first degree or HNDlevel, it is called students research project. Research project writing is therefore simply a formal report or account of all the step-by-step approach a researcher underwent in the course of conducting a research. This means that research project writing is a form of report writing and the aim is to articulate and present all the activities the researcher involved himself in conducting the research.

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