Analysis Of The Multiphase Queuing System (A Case Study Of The Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia):- Mmahi, Ekenma C.


 This study aims at reducing the waiting time of patients at the antenatal care unit of the Federal Medical Centre Umuahia, as well as optimizing resource utilization. Based on the...

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Population Projection Of Nigeria: A Comparison Of The Deterministic And Bayesian Models:- Agha, Christiana O.


In this work, the Deterministic and Bayesian approaches to population projections were used to project the population of Nigeria from 2008 to 2033. In the Deterministic approach,...

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Time Series of Analysis of Tuberculosis in Abia State(A Case Study of Federal Medical Center Umuahia Abia State 2003-2007):- Ndumele, Nkeiruka M.


 The study was carried out on Tuberculosis Cases using Time Series Approach. The Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia was used as the case study. The data used for this project work were...

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A Time Series Analysis Of Fertility Rate” A Case Study Of The General Hospital Uyo, Akwa Ibom State:- Offu, Offu E.


 Fertility statistical is bye-products of a legal process of birth registration. When one talks about fertility one is talking about the actual reproductive performance of the...

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A Time Series Analysis Of Reported Criminal Case In Abia State For The Period (2000-2004):- Ndubisi, Chinonye F.


In this work Time Scries Analysis on the reported criminal cases in Abia State (2000-2004) was carried out. The ultimate objective was to get a suitable modle which would be used to...

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A Time Series Analysis Of Birth Rate (A Case Study Of The Federal Medical Centre Umuahia, Abia State):-Uzowuru Magnus N.


Consequent upon the results, I prefer these recommendations. Health administrators and health organisations should pay more attention to the state by mobilizing more resources to enlighten...

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Time Series Analysis Of Nigeria Crude Oil Production:- Okoro Sunday .C.


This research work was made to examine time series analysis of Nigeria crude oil production. And the data analyzed were on monthly basis for ten (10) years. Ultimate objective of the study...

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Time Series Analysis Of Number Of Unemployed Youths In Kogi State


. One of the greatest challenges of the Nigerian economy today is unemployment which has maintained a rising head over the years, since decade the subject of unemployment has been one...

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Statistical Analysis Of Split Plot Experiment


This study examines the analysis of split plot experiment on the effect of phosphorus and variety of soyabean on the yield of soyabean. In carrying out this research work, randomized...

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Some Special Classes Of Multivariate Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscadasticity (Garch) Models


In this research we focused on Multivariate Generalised Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity models for volatility series using response vector of variances.  The work aimed...

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Modelling Of Cause Of Death In Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, Imo State: A Multinomial Logistic Regression Approach


This research work is aimed at modeling the causes of death among adult patients aged 15 years and above admitted at Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Owerri, Imo... Theses · 3 months ago

Regressional Analysis on Egg Production ( A Case Study of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike Poultry Farm)


The ultimate goal of this study is to establish the age at which optimum egg production will be achieved using regression analysis. The essence being to meet with the protein need of our...

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Polynomial Regression Analysis Of The Effect Of Narrow Money On Inflation


This work deals on Regression analysis of the effects of Marrow money on inflation. The major objective is to determine the suitable model, explaining the relationship between inflation...

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Analysis On The Effect Of Fertilizer On Yam Yield (A Case Study Of National Roots And Crops Research Institute (NRCRI), Umudike)


The declining trend in yam produce highlights the need for a statistical study to determine the effect of fertilizer on yam yield as well as the best agronomy management options available...

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Forecasting Liquidity Ratios Of Commercial Banks In Nigeria Using Autoregressive Fractionally Integrated Moving Average(ARFIMA) Model


This thesis undertakes a forecast of liquidity ratio of commercial banks in Nigeria, using autoregressive fractionally integrated moving average (ARFIMA) model. The research work employs...

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Estimating The Impact Of Some Drivers Of Carbon Dioxide And Methane Emissions In West Africa


Despite the scientific consensus that humans have dramatically altered the global environment, we still have a limited knowledge of the specific forces driving these impacts. This study...

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Buys-Ballot Estimates Of The Trend Curve And Seasonal Indices For Additive Model When Trend-Cycle Component Is Cubic


The Buys-Ballot estimation procedure developed by Iwueze and Nwogu (2004) for time series decomposition when trend-cycle component is linear and was later extended to cases where...

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Time Series Analysis Of Onne Rainfall Data In Rivers State


The aim of this project is to construct a mathematical model for the rainfall data of Onne which could be used to predict reliable and dependable future rainfall values. Splecifically, it...

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Time Series Analysis Of Insurance Data Using Box-Jenkins Method


 In this work the monthly values of the data on the number of vehicles insured in Abia State for the period 1997- 2002 was analysed using the Box-Jenkins method. A time series graph...

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Modelling The Risk Factors Of Diarrhoea Related Morbidity Among Under-Five Children In Nigeria


Diarrhoea remains the major cause of morbidity and mortality among under-five children in many developing countries including Nigeria. This study examined sex of the child, age of the...

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Proportional Odds Modelling Of Hiv Infection Among Pregnant Women (A Case Study Of Federal Medical Centre, Owerri)


This study investigated the impact of socio-demographic factors on HIV infected pregnant women in Imo State. Data used were collected from the Federal Medical Centre, Owerr. The data...

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STA227 (Statistics for. Agriculture and Biological Sciences)

2016/2017 Academic Session – Second Semester Examination

STA 227 ( Statistics for. Agriculture and Biological Sciences)

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Time Series Analysis Of All Shares Index Of Nigeria Stock Market


 The study attempts to model All Share Index of Nigerian Stock Exchange using time series model. The time series model is the Autoregressive Integrated. Moving Average (ARIMA) class...

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Demographic analysis of the secondary school population in awka,


The study of this research is how Demography and the population statistics can be used as tools towards the development of Nigeria economy which will also help to locate and identify...

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Time Series Analysis Of Number Of Patients Admitted Into Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture Umudike Clinic


 This study aims at know ng the admission rate in Michad Okparn University of agriculture Umudikc Ab a state. It clearly define what hospital admission is all about, types of hospital...

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