Queuing model of toe services of Ecobank, government layout branch, Umuahia, Abia state.:- Mba Nene L


One of life’s more disagreeable, activities, namely “waiting in line”, is the delightful subject of this study. Lining-up for one service or the other is an inevitable phenomenon of life....

41 pages (5934 words) · Projects · 4 days ago

Intervention Analysis Of Nigeria’s Inflation Rate:- Ire, Kalu I.


This research work sought to estimate and assess the nature ofthe impact c1 1 tUllui'M? Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (NEEDS) on Nigeria Tnfb.tinn rat.. using intervention...

66 pages (11790 words) · Theses · 4 days ago

A time series analysis of the monthly retail price of Garri in Abia State from (2001- 2006):- Amajoh Sandra I


This work is a lime series analysis of the relative prices or Garri in Abia Stale for six years (200 I- 2006). The aims of applying time series are: the prices arc in monthly interval and...

40 pages (6417 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Modeling andIdentification And Modeling of Birth Weight of New Borns in Enugu State (Case Study of University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku/Ozala, Enugu):- Eze, Chinenye J.


The study identified and modelled Birth weight of New Born Children in Enugu State using data extracted from the antenatal care unit of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital...

39 pages (11458 words) · Theses · 1 month ago

Modeling The Relationship Between Monetary Policy And Economic Growth In Nigeria: An Application Of The Ardl Approach In The Presence Of Structural Breaks:- Okonkwo, Innocent I


The role of monetary policy in sustaining economic growth has been a highly researched subject. The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between monetary policy and economic...

78 pages (17648 words) · Theses · 1 month ago

Gumbel Marshall- Olkin ( GMO-G) Family of Distributions: Properties and Applications:-Ogbuehi, Victor C.


In this study, a new family of distributions called the Gumbel Marshall Olkin-G (GMO-G) family of distributions was developed using Transformed – Transformer ( T-X ) method of generating...

121 pages (19408 words) · Dissertations · 1 month ago

Implication of Covid 19 Pandemic on Macroeconomic Fundamentals in Nigeria:- Uzogo, Nnamdi J.


The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic is entering the second wave as most nations of the world began the gradual relaxation of the lockdown measures earlier imposed. This has however,...

51 pages (18085 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

Determining The Effect Of Age Differentials On The Development Of Hypertension, Heart Failure And Diabetes Mellitus Using Non Parametric Methods:- Usuwah Ernest C.


The idea that advance in age is the major cause of the development of hypertension, heart failure and diabetes mellitus has been fast spreading and widely accepted by many when it does not...

63 pages (9398 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

Statistical Quality Control Analysis On Carex Soap (A Case Study Of Pz Cusson Plc, Aba):- Ezemobi Austin U


Soap been a very usefu! he,p in of vanous brands of soap bas been fluctuafing through the years as movement and progress are made in the pattern of its producUon. Re,ative Mthe a enstan ar...

67 pages (9567 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

Time Series Analysis On Deaths Being Reported As A Result Of Hiv/Aids Infection (A Case Study Of Federal Medical Center Umuahia):- Eme Mba


The pandemic HIV/AIDS is perhaps the most serious plague of our time and has being a public health hazard in the country which has consequently resulted m many deaths, thus has become a...

43 pages (6708 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

Time Series Analysis Of Profit Generated By G. Agofure Transport Comany Llmlted(A Case I Study Of Warri Terminal Delta State) 2006- 2010:- Nwaokocha, Tony A


The time series analysis presented here deals with the monthly profit generated by G. AGOFURE transport limited. A secondary data was used; tire data was collected on monthly basis from...

55 pages (11054 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

Time Series Analysis Of Monthly Revenue Collection Of Imo State (A Case Study Of Ehime Mbano Local Government Area):- Awa, Godwin N.


The growing rate of abandon contracts in some of our states and local governments and the effect of this abandonment strengthened the research for regular analysis. Poor revenue generation...

52 pages (6720 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

Time Series Analysis Of Monthly Sales Of Petrol In A Petroleum Filing Station: A Case Study Of Conoil Plc, 25 Aba Road, Umuahia, Abia State.:- Azubuike, Kelvin N.


 Time series approach was used to study sales data in a filling station. The data were collected fi'om a Conoil Petrol Station in Umuahia. The disti'ibution of Autocorrelation and...

56 pages (7199 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

A Time Series Analysis Of Casualty Figures (Victims) Of Road Accident A Case Study Of Abia State For The Period (2001-2005):- Nwoko Mercy .I


Road accident has been a major public health challenge that requires concerted efforts for effective and sustained prevention. The main objective of this work is to design a mathematical...

71 pages (10659 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

A Time Series Analysis Of The Reported Armed Robbery Cases In Umuahia Metropolis:- Ifenkwem ezeikpe .O. E


In this project, we applied a time series model for analysis on Monly Reported Armed Robbery Cases in Umuahia Municipal from the year (2000-2006). To certify aims and objectives which...

59 pages (9160 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

A Time Series Analyses Of Internally Generated Revenue From Palm-Oil A Case Study Of Umuahia Zone In Abia State For The Period (2000-2005):- Ehilegbu, Chijioke S.


 In this project work, the revenue data from palm oil in Umuahia zone (2000 - 2004) was analysed using the method of time series. Specifically, the method of simple descriptive time...

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Application Of Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors To Third Order Differential Equation:- Ezebuiro Uchechukwu V


In this work we applied the concept of eigenvalues and eigenvectors using the third order differential equation. The result obtained show that it uses determinant method of matrix in order...

34 pages (3221 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

Time Series Analysis of Infant Mortality in Abia State:- Timothy, Rita C.


The aim of studying mortality is to enable inferences to be drawn about the death occurring within a specific population during a specific period of time. The problems of the study...

64 pages (11467 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

Statistical Quality Control of Process Characteristics of Star (A Case Study of Nigerian Breweries PLC. ABA:- Ochonma Chisom C.


This work is geared to unveil the measured quality characteristics of Nigerian breweries product (star), which are temperature, pressure, carbonation and alcohol percentage by volume,...

91 pages (14218 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

Statistical Analysis Of The Factors Affecting The Interest Of Secondary School Students In Sciences (A Case Study Of Ikwuano Local Governm Ent Area Of Abia State):- onyinyechi Uma


The study is aimed at determining statistically whether the interest of students in sciences in Ikwuano Local Government Area in Abia State depends on the influence of parents, teacher,...

66 pages (11013 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

A Multiple Regression Analysis Of Contributions Of Various Sources Of Tax To The Total Tax Revenue In Nigeria:- Usoro, Anthony E.


This work sought to carry out a multiple regression analysis, which involved a dependent and five independent variables. The data for the analysis were obtained from Federal Inland...

61 pages (8650 words) · Theses · 3 months ago

Modeling of Nigeria Inflation Rate Using the Times Domain Approach:- Dike, Kelechi G


The shock an economy can witness due to the fluctuations ofprices of goods and services over time and the need to have knowledge of inflationary trends prompted this study. As noted, some...

46 pages (9703 words) · Theses · 3 months ago

Comparative Analysis Of The Estimated Amount Of Money Spent On Political Campaign By Gender (A Case Study Of Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture, Umudike):- Nzekwe Temple C.


Politics as we know is a part and parcel of every human being. Tncugh some claim not to be politicians but yet nobody is apolitical as there is a steady increase to be at the top and the...

36 pages (5361 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

Statistical Analysis Of Outliers Of Discordancy Test (Culture) In A Set Of Complex Data:- Uwaleme, Melchizedek C.


 The existence of the problem of doubtful observations has been recognized for very ong time. It is the desire to thoroughly investigate their effects, enlighten the experimenters on...

68 pages (8616 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

Effect Of Gender On The Academic Performance Of Statistics Students Of Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture, Umudike:- Njoku, Nnamdi


 This research work is geared towards investigating die effect of gender on the academic performance of graduated students of statistics department in Michael Okpara University ot...

43 pages (6353 words) · Projects · 3 months ago
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