Effects Of Work-Life Balance On Employees Productivity

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This research work is titled "Effect Of Work-Life Balance On Employees Productivuty' '.The changing economic conditions and social demands have changed the nature of work throughout the world A good balance in work and life can play a phenomenal role in the attainment of personal and professional goals. Ideally, the Work Life Balance concept requires organizations to effectively integrate employees' work and non-work roles such that levels of multiple-role conflict, and the associated stress and job dissatisfaction, are minimized or avoided, flexible schedules and leave programs are stressing out many employees, reducing their job performance and productivity as well as causing broken homes. The purpose of the study was to establish the effect of work life balance on employees productivity in banks. The objectives are to determine various employee's relation practices that positively affect the organizational productivity, secondly,to ascertain the effect of flexible working hour and leave plan on performance, thirdly to assess the challenges of work-life balance on organization productivity, fourtly,to identify ways of enhancing healthy relationship between employees and employers in an organization.The study adopted descriptive survey and a study design. The study targeted 200 employees of FirstBank Nig. Pie and EcoBank Nig.,Umuahia , Abia state. A sample of 133 employees of the target population was considered by the use of Yaro Tamane's sampling method. The primary data was collected through the use of questionnaires and secondary data was obtained from published documents such as Journals, periodicals, magazines and reports to supplement the primary data. A pilot study was conducted to pretest the validity and reliability of instruments for data collection. The information was analyzed to yield qualitative and quantitative data. Quantitative data was analyzed with help of SPSS 17. 0. The study findings showed that independent variables contributed 77.10%, significantly and positively to employee productivity in the banking sector. Flexible working schedule was the most significant factor and had a positive significant relationship at 5% level of significance.

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