Electrical Electronics Engineering

Telecommunication Network As A Vital Tool For The Production And Management Of Livestock



The usage of internet has so much affected all fields of human endeavor. This has led to increased dependence on it, in such a way that even the things that are used in human day to...

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Design And Construction Of A 555 Timer Ic Based Detonator


This project, 555 Timer IC Based Detonator, is intended to use the switching mechanism of the 555 timer IC to established time variants for the triggering and blasting of a suitably...

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Internet Of Things (IOT) Based Smart Agriculture Monitoring System For Enhanced Productivity


Agriculture is the basic means of survival for people all around the world, because it basically caters for what we eat. We also get fabrics for our clothing and timber for our shelter from...

36 pages (23950 words) · Theses · 1 month ago

Analysis Of A Line Follower System For Hotspot Detection From Substation End



This write up describes the development of a line follower system for the detection of hotspots inside a power substation. It...

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Multi-Objective Flow Modelling Of Pipeline Under Spatially Varying Corrosion Defect Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-Trained Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)


This study evaluated a multi-objective flow modelling of pipeline under spatially varying corrosion defect using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-trained particle swarm optimization (PSO)....

148 pages (49827 words) · Dissertations · 1 month ago

Design And Simulation Of Microstrip Patch Array Antenna For Improving Signal Reception In Wireless Communication Systems


Antennas play a dominant role part in the transmission and reception of signals in wireless communication, and their development make a significant impact on the speed of a wireless link....

129 pages (27232 words) · Theses · 1 month ago

Network Reconfiguration For Loss Reduction In Three Phase Electricity Distribution System


 This thesis deals with the network reconfiguration for loss reduction in three phase electricity distribution system of the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC): A Case...

148 pages (32255 words) · Theses · 1 month ago

Performance Improvement Of Signal Over Ku-Band Satellite Communications Using Fuzzy Logic


This study presents the performance improvement of signal over Ku-band satellite communication using fuzzy logic system. The satellite communication is an essential part of...

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Congestion Control In Cellular Network Using Dynamic Channel Allocation Technique For Improved Performance


The great challenge of the remarkably growing demand for personal communication mobile service has actively motivated different Telephone Telecommunication Company to adopt various...

35 pages (15123 words) · Theses · 4 months ago

Development Of An Improved Resource Allocation Scheme For Cognitive Radio Network



Cognitive radio technology introduces a revolutionary wireless communication network. This technology is employed to increase frequency spectrum efficiency of the limited spectral...

22 pages (44268 words) · Theses · 4 months ago

Development Of Radio Propagation Pathloss Model For Abia State Gsm Environment


This study investigated the Development of Radio Propagation pathloss model for Abia state GSM Environment. the inspiration for the study came from the complaint of some electronic...

56 pages (21828 words) · Theses · 5 months ago

Design And Construction Of An Automatic Road Traffic Sign Flasher For Road Accident And Safety Management


The study designs and develops an automatic road traffic sign flasher that illuminates and flasher automatically in the dark in order to enhance visibility and readability of traffic road...

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Development Of Simulink Model Of Asynchronous Motor With Pump Load


Generally, rotating electrical machines converts electrical energy to mechanical energy or vice versa. This is made possible by the interaction of electrical circuits and magnetic fields...

66 pages (7989 words) · Theses · 5 months ago

Analysis And Computer Simulation Of Pathloss In Selected Environments In Akwa Ibom State


This project work presents pathloss analysis and computer simulation in selected environments in Akwa Ibom State. The research work was mainly carried out in four environments namely;...

72 pages (12555 words) · Theses · 5 months ago

Co-Channel Interference Mitigation In 4G Cellular Networks Using Adaptive Equalization Technique For Improved Performance


Communication has evolved with respect to voice and data communication. The ease of information transmission and dissemination has reduced the world to a global village. This growth has...

34 pages (17854 words) · Theses · 5 months ago

Enhancing Energy Efficiency Of Wireless Sensor Network Using Position Responsive Routing Protocol (PRRP) Approach


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is considered to be a highly resource constrained class of network where energy consumption has being a major challenge. In this work, a cross layer design...

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Voltage Stability Improvement In Power System Using Statcom And Svc


 Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) devices such as Static Var Compensator (SVC) and Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) when placed at the midpoint of a long transmission...

33 pages (17673 words) · Theses · 5 months ago

Optimal Fuel Cost Of Power Generation In Nigeria For Improved Power Output



Nigeria is faced with endemic electricity generation problem which has remained a big obstacle to her becoming one of the developed nations of the world despite her being...

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Performance Improvement of Wi-Fi Connectivity Using Smart Antenna


This research work presents performance improvement of Wi-Fi connectivity using smart antenna in mobile communication network. Wireless-Fidelity (Wi-Fi) is a major wireless technology that...

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Construction Of A Basic Electronic Training Module


This project presents the model of an electronics training module which uses 555 timer Ic, Op-amp, transistors and other basic electronic components to provide its users an...

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Development Of Pathloss Prediction Models In Outdoor Environments For Enhanced Wireless Network Coverage


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Design And Construction Of A 2.0KVA Solar Powered Off-Grid Inverter System


Nigeria is a country with an estimated population of 170 Million people, 65% of which are between the ages of 18 to 45 years, but only about 40% of the population has access to adequate...

62 pages (13079 words) · Theses · 5 months ago

Stability Analysis of Induction Machine for Enhanced Dynamic Performance


This thesis presents the stability analysis of three horse-power squirrel cage induction motor for enhanced dynamic performance. It includes the machine Simulink modelling under dynamic...

95 pages (17188 words) · Theses · 5 months ago

Design And Construction of a 2.5KVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


This project presents the design and construction of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system with an apparent power of 2.5kVA. This was achieved by the use of transformer,...

42 pages (5811 words) · Theses · 5 months ago

Improving The Quality Of Service (Qos) Of Cellular Networks Using Dynamic Time Threshold Scheme Analysis


This work presents a dynamic time threshold based scheme for voice calls in cellular networks In order to carry out effective response of the dynamic time threshold scheme on cellular...

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