FFA 221 Agroforestry Systems


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FFA311 (Apiculture)



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An Assessment Of Factors Affecting Gully Erosion And Its Control Methods In Three Selected Gully Erosion Sites In Abia State, Nigeria.


 Effective control of soil erosion involves the application of engineering and biological measures. The efficacy of these two normally recommended methods, was studied using three...

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Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Of Land Degradation In Njaba Local Government Area Of Imo State.


The study determined the socio-economic impact of land degradation in Njaba area of lmo State. From evidence, there is no recent available phenomenon that has assumed such a wide ranging...

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Evaluation Of Some Wood Pulp Properties Of Pinus Caribaea (Morelet) Grown In Oluwa Forest Reserve In Ondo State, Nigeria


The study examined some wood pulp properties of Pinus caribaea(morelet) grown in Oluwa forest reserve ( a world bank assisted pulpwood project) in Ondo State, Western Nigeria. The study...

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Survey Of Ecological Indicators Of Selected Areas With Different Forms Of Land Degradation In South-Eastern Nigeria



 A survey was conducted to determine the features and dominant soil, plant and macro-organisms that could se'e as ecological indicators of some selected areas with c1iffernt...

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Remediation Of Some Degraded Soils Of Abia State, Nigeria With Biosolids


Studies were conducted at Enugu, South East Nigeria, on the effects of four levels of biosolids (0.0, 10, 20, and 30 ton ha 1) on three degraded soil samples collected from Amaiyi —...

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Impact Of Petroleum Exploration On The Vegetation Of Afam Comunity, Rivers State, Nigeria


The impact of oil industry activities on the vegetation was studied at Alam, Oyigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria The study evaluated the effect of oil spillage on the...

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Effect Of Forest Types On Some Soil Characteristics And Species Composition In Umuahia North, Abia State Of Nigeria


A study was conducted in three land use systems (Theobroma cacao, Gmelina arborea and secondary forest) in Urnuahia North of Abia State of Nigeria to assess the plant composition and...

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Woody Plant Species Colonizing Abandoned Farmlands Of Different Seral Stages In South-Eastern Nigeria


Woody plant species colonizing abandoned farmlands of different seral stages in the south-eastern Nigerian rainforest ecozone were studied between 1st September, 2005 and 30th August,...

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Ecological And Socio-Economic Characteristics Of Bamboo Spp In Relation To Land Use System


A research was conducted to determine the socio-economic features of utilization, regeneration pattern, leaf litter fall, nutrient content and leaf pattern and soil chemical...

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The Soil Seed Banks Of Tropical Rainforest In Umudike. (Ikwuano Local Government Area) Of Abia State, Nigeria


A research was conducted to determine the density and species composition of viable seeds buried in four forest stands of a tropical rainforest in umudike, Abia State, Nigeria. The...

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Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Disposal And Management In Umuahia And Aba, Abia State. Nigeria


Studies on municipal solid waste (MSW) generation, disposal and management over seasons (rainy and dry season) in 2004 were carried out in Umuahia and Aba, Abia - - State, Nigeria. In each...

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Variations In The Length, Diameter, Lumen -Width And Wall Thickness Of wood Fibres In Rubber (Hevea Brasiliensis(Kunth)Muel.Arg.) Grown In South Eastern Nigeria


Variations in fibre length, fibre diameter, lumen width and fibre wall thickness of rubber wood were investigated to determine suitability for some industrial utilization. The main effects...

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Effects Of Quarrying On Soil And Vegetation In Akamkpa Local Government Area Of Cross River State


At the immediate vicinity of the quarry (PH) Magnifera indica had higher concentration of Cu (21 .5mg/kg) and Ni (26.08mg/kg) while Zn was higher in Carica papaya than that of other plant...

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Comparative Studies Of Seeds Stocked In Swampy And Hevea Brasiliensis Plantation Soils Of Umudike


Seeds stocked in a swampy soil and hevea brariliensis plantation soil of Umudike were assessed by counting and recording the seedlings that germinated from soil monoliths collected from...

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Growth Of Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria Zizanioides L. Nash) And Its Effect On Different Degraded Sites In Abia State, Nigeria


A study involving pot and field trials was carried out to determine the ability of vetiver grass to grow and improve some degraded sites. Five sites; a nursery top soil (control), kaolin...

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Assessment Of Nutritional Values And Oil Characteristics Of The Fruit Of Canarium Schweinfurthii Linn


This study aimed at characterizing the fruits of Canarium schweinfurthii Linn. of it's the physical and chemical properties. Fruits were collected from three agroecological zones of...

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Effect Of The Exclusion Of Insect Pollinators On The Reproductive Performance Of Okra Abelmoschus Esculenta (L) Moench


The reduction in pollination set-vices has led to reduction in crop yields of which okra is no exception. This study investigated the effect of exclusion of' insect pollinators on the...

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Socio-Economic And Environmental Benefits Of Non-timber Forest Products In Umuahia North Local Government Area, Abia State, Nigeria


Non-Timber Forest Products provide enormous benefits to rural dwellers in Nigeria. These are open-access resources which are often exploited with unlimited restraints and therefore stand...

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Assessment Of Phytochemicals Of The Bark And Leaves Of Psidium Guajava Linn


According to Wickens (1991), non-timber forest products have all the biological material (other than industrial round wood and derived sawn timber, wood chips, wood based panel and pulp)...

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Germination And Early Seedling Growth Rates Of Entandrophragma Cylinfricum, Dennerria Tripetala And Terminalia Superba In Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria


 Germination of Term Lialia superba, Eniancfrophrcigma cylincfricum and Dennetia tripetala were studied. The objectives of this study are to determine the germination percentage and...

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Germination And Early Seedling Growth Rates Of Nauclea Diderrichii, Detarium Inacrocarpum, Khaya Ivorensis And Piper Guineense In Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria


The Germination and Early Seedlings Growth Rates of Nauclea diderichii, Detarium macrocarpum, Khaya ivorensis and Piper guineense was carried out at Michael Okpara University of...

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Leaf Litter Production, Nutrient Cycling Rates, Growth And Yield Parameters Of Maize (Zea Mays L.) In Diospyros Crassiflora (Hem —FWTA) Plantation In Okwuta-Ibeku, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria


Five experiments: leaf litter production, leaf litter decomposition, quantity of precipitation pathways, nutrient cycling of leaf litter and of precipitation pathways, and maize...

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Distribution And Checklist Of Lepidopteran Fauna In Parts Of Southeastern Nigeria And Observations On Aspects Of The Ecology Of Some Species


Butterflies and moths are among the most common insect groups in tropical environments, but not much is known about their diversity and ecology in forest habitats such as in Nigeria. This...

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