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 For a long time, the department of Computer Science of the College of Physical and Applied Sciences has not had a website with guaranteed continuity. Several students in past had made attempts to achieve this but all to no avail. Eventually, with the implementation of this project, the department now has a functional website. The Website User Interface is designed using the elements of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, while the ftmnctionality is done using PHP. The web application simply updates the database by uploading a formatted CSV file through querying of MYSQL. The website uses some special CSS features and Jquery to achieve responsiveness. In addition, the web application obtains useful information from the common data. By the time it is fully implemented, it would have solved several problems and created a brand new tool for the Computer Science department administration — Challenging student performance and progress, getting more enlightened in the field through different seminars presented in the past, seeing records of alumni and those who had performances worthy of emulation, all at the tap of a button.

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