Computer Science

Tripwire Integrity Management Solutions (Tims) With Mouau As A Case Study:- Onwuchekwa, Nkiru C


Security software called intrusion detection systems may be used in computers to detect unusual and suspicious activities and in some cases stop a variety of harmful actions by authorized...

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Design And Implementation Of Web Portal For Optimal Performance (A Case Study Of Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture Umudike):- Okwara, Oluchi L.


A portal represents a website that provides a single point of access to applications and information. From and end user perspective, a portal is a website with pages that are organized by...

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Automated Online Marketing System:- Okike, Benedict


This research work Automated Online Marketing System is aimed at establishing a reliable and efficient online marketing system. It is also aimed at developing an online marketing system...

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Computerized Mercedes Benz Mechanic Workshop (A Case Study Of Osy Mercedes Benz Mechanic Workshop No. 51 University Market Road Nsukka):- Akobundu, Chinyere I.


In today’s world, computer is an indispensable tool in almost all aspect of man’s daily activity. The age of computer has simplified the way businesses are done, and will continue to touch...

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Management Information System Of A Law Firm (A Case Study Of Durueke Law Firm):- Nwokem, Kevin O.


 A law firm is a firm that renders legal services to individuals and organizations as well. Law firms generally run similar processes based on the Nigerian Legal system. The structure...

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A Cloud Based Assignment Submission And Management System :- George, Chinwekele C.


An online assignment handling is a system contained within the Module virtual learning environment. Assignments are submitted by students either individually or in groups. Assignment...

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Automated Drug Tracking Information System:- Ugochukwu, Joshua I.


Automated Drug Tracking Information System is a set of computer programs that obtains the supplies of drugs, distribute the drugs and monitors the inventory control of the drugs. The...

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Office Intruder Detector System:- Godwin, Oluebube T.


This project deals on the design and construction of an intruder detector for home and office use. Security as one of the biggest issues in our world today and we need a system that will be...

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University Management Information System for MOUAU:- Maduagwu, Joy A.


This project deals with the design and Implementation of University Management Information System in MOUAU.The main purpose of this University Management Information System (UMIS), is a...

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Company Crime Tracking Information System:- Okon, Emmanuel N.



Crime can broadly be defined as criminal activity involving an information technology infrastructure: including illegal access or unauthorized access. illegal interception that...

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Design And Implementation Of Women Ovulation And Due Date Calculation System:- Ukpai, Favour O.


Women ovulation and due date calculation software is an application developed to automate the calculation of ovulation and due date for women. The app is designed to overcome some of the...

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Tracking System For Correctional Center Inmates Using Madruino Zero:-Eze, Benjamin I.


A prison tracking system is basically a practice in the field of inmate search which involves monitoring of prisoners, especially a prison break in order to establish patterns of...

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Students Examination And Result Management System For Mouau:- Ojukwu Franklin I.


In this research, we developed a Student Examination Management System (SEMS), which is a comprehensive software solution developed to revolutionize and automate the intricate processes...

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E-Learning System for Computer Science:- Ibeh, Emmanuel C.


E-Learning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere. E-Learning can include training, the delivery of just-in-time information and guidance from experts. It...

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Clinic’s Patient Management Information System:- Chukwuemeka, Chijioke K.



Clinic’s patient management information system is used to provide an online and automated platform for managing data for medical clinics. This system helps the clinic to...

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Breast Cancer Information Management System:- Ikwuegbu, Alison C


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Design and Implementation of a Computerized Insurance Application and Registration System:- Offiong Udememfon G.


Insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a...

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Decisions Support System for Event Management in Michael Okpara University:- Gouti, Cynthia Chinaza.


The wedding industry is a dynamic and multifaceted sector that demands meticulous planning, efficient resource allocation, and seamless execution. The concept of a Decision Support System...

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Development of a web based drug inventory management system:- Ojobo, Chinedu M


Inventory management is one of the necessities of every business institution. Every organization possesses its own method of managing and controlling the inventory system. For a hospital...

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Automated Library Stock Management System:- Stephen Uchechukwu S.


Automated library stock management system is software that allows you to search for books, manage books and monitor borrowed books, pay fines and fees all in one location. It helps the...

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Court Case and Scheduling System :- Ihesie, Anozie A.



The judicial arm of government is the third organ of government besides the legislature and the executive, the major functions of this arm includes setting of cases, pushing the...

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Computerized Secured Bank Transaction Simulation System:- Amuchie, Somadina O.




The electronic banking (e-banking) system has become an important practice among commercial banks in Nigeria. The introduction of this banking system has improved banking...

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Online Dynamic Quiz Application System:- Nwakanma Franklin



Online dynamic quiz application system is a web–based quiz system which can be used by lecturers to evaluate students effectively, efficiently and perfectly. Online dynamic quiz...

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Project Allocation Management Information System :- Iroka, Promise



Project allocation is the assignment of available resources to various students. A project can be filled by at most one student, though in some cases a project is suitable for more...

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Web Based Information Exchange Platform For Community Policing:- Ezenwanne, Kingsley C.



Given the problem of traditional policing which involves reacting to crimes being committed, an efficient process of community policing is needed to achieve results in preventing...

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