Web Based Maternal Health Decision Support System

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Maternal health has been a critical issue for every woman including those living in rural and remote areas. The need to travel long distance, inadequate information about maternal health, the shortage of primary care providers such as physicians, specialists and nurses, direct cost in accessing health care, human errors have been problems identified in maternal health. The objective of this project is to develop a Web-Based Maternal Health Decision Support System (MHDSS). The significance of this study is to develop an IT based system to improve maternal health. The scope of this study covers women within the child bearing age. This study gives an overview of maternal health, prenatal health, postnatal health, decision support system, implementation of DSS. It also explains maternal death, maternal mortality ratio, challenges of maternal health, causes of maternal mortality, applications of decision support system, ways of reducing maternal mortality and recommendations in other to improve maternal health in Nigeria. There are some factors that limited this research work which include: difficulty in collection of required data, lack of technology knowledge in user, lack of resources needed and time factor.

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