Public Libraries and National Development in Nigeria

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This paper is intended to bring to fore the place of public libraries in national development as applicable to Nigeria as well as the other nations of the world. Conceptual clarifications that help in better understanding of the thoughts of the author are presented at the very beginning of the paper. The paper examines public library evolution in Nigeria, revealing some historical facts not commonly found in most narrations of public library development in Nigeria. The paper presents highlights on the transformations in the public libraries which reposition the libraries for greater contribution to national development. It also examines some indicators of national development and how the public library facilitates them, thereby contributing to national development. Some challenges the public libraries encounter in delivering service for national development are enumerated, such as: high illiteracy rate in Nigeria, inappropriate and inadequate public library building, irrelevant and inadequate material resources, poor funding, etc. Nine recommendations that -will help to reposition the public libraries in Nigeria for better service delivery that will result in increased contribution to national development are proffered.

Keywords „ . Hybrid Library; Information society; Literacy; National development; Public libraries.

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