Institution Decision Support System (Result Manager)

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The world has become computerized in such a way, that every business and transactions is done with the use of a computer. Whereas the past decade has seen a rapid growth in database system, with regards to the amount of information being stored and the complexity of applications being developed. This growing demand for systems error is increasing complexity and its provision has stimulated the need for higher level concepts, tools and techniques for database design and development. Thus the data-base design methodologies which have been developed in recent years provides the designer with the means for modeling an enterprise at a high level of abstraction. These methodologies have been heavily influenced by advances in programming language which have developed sophisticated abstraction mechanism in which this software "Result Manager" was modeled on. This project work will help the management of the institution in reaching decision with regards to the number of students that has 1 Class,2" Class Upper Division,2"° Class Lower Division, 3rd Class, Pass or Fail as the case may be, by querying the database and other functionality that are embedded in this software (Result Manager). The programming language used is the Visual Basic (6.0), while the database environment used is the Microsoft access.

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