Flow Past A Circular Surface In Two Dimensions

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I tried  to Show mathematical deviation of the continuity equation and Bernouillis equations and how they are applied to some physical problems like adiabatic expansion of gases, flow of gas in a converging pipe, flow through an aperture and flow of gas measured using the venturi-tube. I used the concept of complex potential and complex velocity to describe some physical properties of fluid flow. 1 Explaining stagnation point in a fluid across an obstacle. In this piece of work, I used the MilneThomson circle theorem to establish the complex potential of all the flows involving the simple boundary IZ/ = a. And these bodies with boundaries are bodies like circular cylinder, elliptical cylinder and other shapes. There are analysis on dividing strealines on the contour. And also the distribution of pressure on the circular cylinder. I strongly believe that the property unique to this piece of work is the gross over-simplification of these concepts, which will afford new mathematics students an easier understanding and appreciation of fluid dynamics problems.

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