Compensation of employee: a panel data analysis of national accounts of Nigeria .


 This research work was undertaken to investigate how compensation of employee was explained by consumption of ·fixed capital, Indirect Taxes, Value added at current basic prices and...

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Effects Of Use Of Geoboard On Academic Achievement And Interest Of Primary School Pupils In Mathematics



The study investigated the effects of use of geoboard on academic achievement and interest of primary school pupils in mathematics in Abia State, Nigeria. The study adopted a...

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Application Of q-Calculus In Quantum Geometry


Every geometry is associated with some kind of space. Non-commutative geometry or quantum geometry deals with quantum spaces, including the classical concept of space as a very special...

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Flow Past A Circular Surface In Two Dimensions


I tried  to Show mathematical deviation of the continuity equation and Bernouillis equations and how they are applied to some physical problems like adiabatic expansion of gases, flow...

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MTH 111(General Mathematics 1) C


2 pages (805 words) · Exam Question Papers · 5 months ago

MTH 111B (General Mathematics 1) B


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MTH 211 Mathematical Methods


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Construction Of Generalized Green’s Function For The Heat Operator


 In this work, we construct the generalized Green’s function for the initial value problem involving a partial differential operator specifically the heat operator in n , using...

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Application Of Neural Network To Constrained Optimization Problems Using Penalty Function Approach



In this research work we propose a feed forward neural network for solving constrained optimization problems with inequality and equality constraints. We employ penalty functions...

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MTH 111B (General Mathematics 1)


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MTH 111 (Real General Mathematics I )

2015/2016 Second Semester Examinations

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Time Series Analysis of the Monthly Production of Z-Purlin (A Case Study of IUNIT Industry Onitsha)


 Any business or economic action taken today is based on yesterday's plan and tomorrow's expectation. An organization must plan for the future in order to survive and grow. However,...

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MTH329 (Computer application)



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Application Of Dogleg Method With Broyden Class Updating Technique For Solving Some Unconstrained Multivariate Nonlinear Optimization Problems


In this work, the basic trust-region methods for unconstrained multivariable nonlinear optimization problems were studied using the Dogleg-type trust-region method which employed the...

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Solvability Of Various Classes Of Nonlinear Equations


 The Kuratowski’s measure of noncompactness of bounded sets , k−set contraction for k [0, 1), 1−set contraction and condensing mappings were studied. Some axiomatic properties of...

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Closed Form Solution For A Semi-Infinite Crack Moving In An Infinite Orthotropic Material With A Circular Crack Breaker Under Antiplane Strain


This study investigates the influence of a circular crack breaker on mode-III deformation behaviour of a semi-infinite crack in a homogeneous, elastic orthotropic material subjected to...

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A Mathematical Model For Typhoid Fever Infection


This project work focuses on how mathematical modeling can be used to reduce the rate of typhoid fever in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. From the data results, it was...

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Residue Theorem And Its Application Contour Integration


 In this project work on residue theorem and its application to contour integration, is shown how residue theorem can be applied to various fields of contour integration. A specific...

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Application Of Lyapunov Theorems To The Stability And Asymptotic St Ability Of Solution Of A Third Order Scalar Differential Equation


Lyapunov theorems and some other techniques from elementary differential calculus were used to obtain the first of the four equivalent systems of the fourth order scalar equation. We showed...

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A Comparison Of Methods Of Solution For Integral Equations


We reviewed and compared methods of solution for integral equations with concentration on approximation methods. We gave an introduction to integral equations, and reviewed particularly...

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Predicting Students Performance Using The Method Of Least Squares


This research study investigated the relationship that exists between JAMB scores, PUME scores and students' academic performance which was considered using CGPA. The numerical tool used...

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Demonstration Of Legendre Polynomials As Solutions Of Legendre Differential Equations


The Legendre polynomials have been derived using their generating function defined by 1 w(x, t) = (1 - 2xt + t 2 )-2 and recurrence relations developed by their use. These recurrence...

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Design And Implementation Of Judiciary Information Management System (Jims) (A Case Study of Judiciary Central Law Library, Umuahia)


 Information is vital in human endeavor. The search for information is at increase day by day as the world is in its globalization trend. There is need for fast access to this but...

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Time· Series Analysis On The Arrival Of Aircraft In Nigeria Airports (A Case Study Of Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport, Owerri.)


This study considered the arrival of aircraft movement in Nigeria airport using Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport as a case study. The ultimate objectives of the study is to develop...

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Quality control on weights and lengths of kitchen-bar and tablet soap (a case study of j. Udeagbala holdings, plc, aba)


This study centers on the application of statistical quality control techniques to soap production to ensure that the lengths and weights of soap produced does not deviate from the...

52 pages (7106 words) · Projects · 9 months ago
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