Solutions Of Quartic Polynomial Equations:- Ekwuribe, Kelechi


This study is aimed at solving for the roots of quadratic, cubic and quartic equations in a field when the equations have real coeffcicnt». The problem of finding the roots of polynomial...

55 pages (7464 words) · Projects · 3 days ago

Formalizing Abstract Algebra In Constructive Set Theory:- Ibeabuchi, Promise I


This project work present a machine-checked formalization of I • elementary abstract algebra in constructive set theory. This formalization uses an approach where I start by specifying the...

32 pages (4006 words) · Projects · 7 days ago

Study Of Adams Bashforth Methods Using Chebyshev Polynomials And Its Stability Analysis:- Eriki Walter H


In this thesis, the important fundamental properties of numerical methods for ordinary differential equations are investigated. This involves the derivation of Adams Bashforth methods,...

64 pages (5795 words) · Theses · 21 days ago

A Mathematical Model To Estimate The Quantity Of Food Cooked In A Restaurant:- Edwards, Ngozi E.


This project is an x-ray on Ordinary Differential Equations, its application to mathematical modeling and how it can be used to model the quantity of food to be cooked in a restaurant...

33 pages (5306 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

Group Of Symmetry Operations On A Square:- Nwokoji Udonna I.


 In this project work, some foundations of Abstract Algebra (such as groups) have been studied by the use of a square. The research work identified all the symmetries of the square...

46 pages (6641 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

An Application Of Mathematical Modelling To Tuberculosis Epidemic: Enyinnaya Fredrick M.


In this study, the standard SIRS Model was used to control the spread of Tuberculosis The disease-free equilibrium state ofthe model was established and its stability analyzed using the...

38 pages (5926 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

Application Of Graph Colouring To Scheduling:- Ohuoba Cherechi J.


In this work we study the application of graph colouring to scheduling problem three illustrative examples are presented, namely, examination scheduling, committee assignment and...

40 pages (7063 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

Euler Circuits And Euler Trails In Graph Theory:- Nwachukwu, George C.


In this work, we applied Euler circuits and Euler trails to the ground plan of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike campus, Abia state. Euler's theorems, algorithms graphs,...

41 pages (5853 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

Evaluation Of Improper Integrals By Method Of Residue Theorem:- Ukonu, Ejinma O.


This work applies the residues theorem which is a concept of the complex calculus to the real calculus. This is significant as the theorem is used for the evaluation of some real definite...

50 pages (6323 words) · Projects · 2 months ago

Lagrange Multipliers And Non-Linear Optimisation:- Kalu, Kelechi L.


This work generally explores Lagrange Multipliers method and its relevance, condition, distinction and technique to finding solutions of a constrained Non-linear optimization problem

35 pages (5682 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

A Mathematical Model For Typhoid Fever Infection:- Efughi Mercy E.


This project work focuses on how mathematical modeling can be used to reduce the rate ol typhoid fever in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. From the data results, it was...

43 pages (6106 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

A Comparison Of Methods Of Solution For Integral Equations:- Ugwueze, Precious N.


 We reviewed and compared methods of solution for integral equations with concentration on approximation methods. We gave an introduction to integral equations, and reviewed...

40 pages (4944 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

Bessel Inequality And Its Application:- Oko Tochukwu O.


In this work, we studied Bessel inequality and the claim that disprove that all Riemann integrable functions can be represented in Fourier series using Bessel inequality.

30 pages (4043 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

Review Of Existence And Uniqueness Conditions For Fixed Points Of Ordinary Differential Equations:- Okorafor, Chinenye G.


This is a reviewed research work on existence and uniqueness conditions for fixed point oF Ordinary Differential Equations with the associated initial value problem y =/OcyXyCxo)...

45 pages (6788 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

Sylow’s Theorems And Applications: Okafor, Williams C.


The project work took a look al Sylow’s Theorem and Applications. Chapter one took a look at the basic definitions, preliminary results and lemmas without proof. Chapter two took a...

50 pages (9177 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

Lyapunov Approach For Stability Investigation Of Well - Production Model For Fluid Flow:- Ogbonna, Christopher O.


This research work presents Lyapunov approach for stability investigation of well - production model for fluid flow. It is established that a well production rate u(t) is essentially a...

57 pages (9466 words) · Theses · 4 months ago

Fourier Series Analysis Of Seasonal Data:- Ekpenyong, Emmanuel J.


This study considered the application of Fourier Series Analysis in Modelling Seasonal Data and use of such model to forecast the future values of such data, hi order to achieve these...

75 pages (13322 words) · Theses · 4 months ago

Solution Of Non-Linear Differential Equations Using The Multi-Step Differential Transformation Method:- Onuma, Martins O.


 In this work. Differential Transformation method (DTM) and Multi-step Differential Transformation method (MSDTM) are studied; and are used to obtain solutions oftwo classes of...

89 pages (15235 words) · Theses · 5 months ago

Analysis Of Algolrithms For Solving Unconstrained Optimization Problems:- Ijiomah, Okechukwu F.


Line search and trust region methods are known traditional methods for solving unconstrained optimization problems. In this thesis, the different algorithms for solving unconstrained...

152 pages (30771 words) · Theses · 6 months ago

Application Of Algabraic Coding Theory To Digital Communaication Systems:- Nweke, Emmanuel J.


The transmission of information over a communication system always results in some degradation in the quality ofthe information. In digital links, degradation cjf the information content...

87 pages (17343 words) · Projects · 6 months ago

A Mathematical Model On The Dynamics And Stability Of Free And Forced Vibration Of An Automobile:- Duruojinkeya, Prisca U.


 In this research project we investigated the vibrational characteristics of a vehicle system, which is directly related to the ride comfort ofthe passenger and road handling. The...

52 pages (9322 words) · Theses · 6 months ago

Comparison Of Artificial Neural Network And Regression Analysis Application To Blood Pressure Data From Mouau Clinic:- Asomugha, Princewill C.


There are many studies about continuous blood pressure estimation using pulse transit time (PTT). In this study, we proposed the modeling method which could estimate Blood pressure (BP)...

31 pages (4320 words) · Projects · 7 months ago

Error Control Of Initial Value Problems For Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations Using Neumaier’s Method:-Obilo, Charles Ihinwanne .M.


 Compared with standard numerical methods for initial value problems (IVPs) for ordinary differential equations (ODEs), validated methods not only compute a numerical solution to...

82 pages (12175 words) · Projects · 7 months ago

The Application Of Banach's Fixed Point Iterative Method In The Solution Of Systems Of Linear Equations:- Anozie, Chinemerem .M.


Banach fixed point iterative method remains the best method for approximation of solution of systems of linear equations. This was shown in this work by transforming a given system of...

32 pages (5503 words) · Projects · 7 months ago

A Study Of Movement Of Students Into Higher Classes Using Markov Process


 In recent years, there has been enormous interest in markov processes and their applications. Examples of this application may be found extensively throughout the biological,...

61 pages (11753 words) · Projects · 7 months ago
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