Enhanced Online Booking System (A Case Study Of GIGM)

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Enhanced Online Booking System has to do with creating a system that will allow the passengers to fill and submit their personal details, do their transport booking online, pay for their booking and print their ticket that summarize the booking schedule and payment transaction only after payment has been made which can be from a credit card, or debit card. This research developed Online Booking System, with aim of achieving an effective booking system in different locations in Nigeria. The proposed system will help in solving major problems of time management, there by reduce the amount of time wasted with manual booking process and also provide efficient means for travelers to print their travel ticket. The structured system analysis and design methodology was used in the development of this research work and the languages used include: for the front-end (HTML,CSS,JavaScript,Bootstrap,Jquery) and back-end(PHP and MySQL). The use of this system will ease the job of the Online Booking System in Nigeria sectors or location for the passengers.

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