Effect Of Photographic Processing Studio Effluent On Clarias Gariepinus Fingerlings

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 Clarias gariepinus fingerlings of mean weight 34.0g± 0.6g and mean length of 23.5cm ± 2.0cm S.E respectively were exposed to 0, 20ppm, 40ppm, 60ppm, 50ppm and 1 00ppm of photographic processing waste during a static bioassay for 96hrs (4 days). The 96hrs LC5O of photographic waste to fingerlings of C.gariepinus was 36.31 ppm with upper and lower limits of 0.125 and 19.5 respectively. The threshold value (safe level) was calculated as 19.95ppm. Six samples of photographic effluent; colour developer, stabilizer, bleach, bleach fixer was collected from one of the photographic studios located at the Eastern sector of Umuahia Metropolis. The samples were thereafter analysed for four heavy metals; Silver, Iron, Zinc and Cadmium using the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (UNICAM 939). Some portion of the waste was also used to carry out the bioassay test on the experimental fish. Experimental set up consisted of 18 plastic bowls each of 20 litre capacity and then placed appropriately in its place on the wooden stand. Exploratory test was carried out to obtain a general idea of the range of concentration suitable for the full-scale bioassay test before commencement of the actual experiment. This was carried out by mixing the six different effluents to obtain one effluent after which Iml of the mixed eftluent was introduced into each of 3 different breakers containing 9ml, 99ml and 999ml of bore-hole water respectively· to produce 3 different toxicant dilutions. Thereafter a single experimental fish was introduced into each of these 3 dilutions of the toxicant to obtain concentration that will not kill the fish in less than 30 minutes. The concentration that did not kill fish in less than 30 minutes was used to prepare the test media used for the actual experiment. The gill and blood of experimental fish were collected from each experimental tub during the investigation and analysed for uptake of Silver, Zinc, Iron, Cadmium ion and Haematological parameters; PCV, HB,WBC and RBC respectively. Physico-chemical parameters of the experimental water was also monitored during the period of investigation. Experiment was replicated twice. Number of photographic studios in eastern sector was enumerated and the quantity of waste generated by these studios estimated. The gills of the exposed fish analysed showed increase in ion uptake of zinc, Iron, and silver for the duration of the experiment. For the haematological studies Clarias gariepinus" were exposed for 96hrs to concentrations of 0,20, 40, 60, 80 and l0Oppm of photographic waste. There was fluctuation in the level of PVC, HB, WBC and RBC. The levels of these haematological parameters increased and decreased in different days and at different concentrations. Estimated quantity of about 136.848-193.938 litres of waste was found to be generated by these studios on monthly basis. This observation is of interest hence the safe level has been recorded in this work. 

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