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Antenatal care is the care given to pregnant women in order to have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. Antenatal care is an important determinant of high maternal mortality rate and one of the basic components of maternal care on which the life of mothers and babies depend. Thus, Antenatal care is a key strategy to improve maternal and infant health. Different studies have found that inappropriate antenatal care has been associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes. Recently the technical working group of World Health Organization has recommended a minimum level of care to be eight visits throughout the pregnancy to reduce the maternal morbidity and mortality. Several studies conducted in different countries on demographic and socio-cultural factors influencing use of maternal health care services, have shown that factors like maternal age, number of living children, education, place of residence, occupation, religion and ethnicity are significantly associated with use of antenatal care. The findings of various factors associated with utilization of antenatal care have not been synthesized collectively. Therefore there was a need to setup a standard E-antenatal webbased system that will not be compromised, that will make antenatal care easier, cheaper and more accessible. A number of doctors based on their experience; help develop an E-antenatal system.

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