Designing of Data Storage System of Intranet Based

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 An insurance company wants to start campaign for its new products to be sold to the prospective customers. Campaign means advertising of the products through the channels like Tele marketing, letters, signboards, Television Commercials, etc. there are different products there is a specific period for each campaign. Before the campaign starts, estimates are made on sales to be achieved, budget allocation for each campaign and variance allowed both for sales and budget. When the actual data is captured, the actual variance is calculated. The difference between the actual and the estimated variance gives the insurance company an insight into their estimation and it helps in making strategic decisions about budgets and campaign periods. The company in question has been using traditional method o manual means to achieve this in the past which they are tired of due to its time and energy consuming and a lot of complexities that arise during the process. In order to eradicate these, a new system is proposed to increase efficiency, speed and also add a lot of functionality to the system in order to meet the proposed deadline for the campaign. The proposed system is a three layer application that is developed to run on an intranet system of the case study. It is developed based on two Microsoft technologies, which will be looked into in details in chapter three and four. The database system for the new system should be able to capture the details of member of the staff that are involved in the campaign and also do the necessary calculation needed for decision making in the firm.

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