Clinic’s Patient Management Information System:- Chukwuemeka, Chijioke K.

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Clinic’s patient management information system is used to provide an online and automated platform for managing data for medical clinics. This system helps the clinic to easily store, retrieve, and manage their patients visiting and prescription records. It also consists of multiple user-friendly features and functionalities. The user experience has been utilized to consider the critical aspect of successes of implementation related to human factor of mental model, which are utility, ease of use and efficiency. I was motivated to embark on this research due to the problems of its paper-based management system which has become difficult to manage the system manually, lack of immediate retrieval of information about patient’s health history and difficult in preparation of accurate and prompt reports. This project's main purpose is to provide an online and automated platform for managing data for certain medical clinics, this system helps the clinic to easily store, retrieve and manage their patients visiting and prescription records. The system was achieved by developing an automated clinic’s patient management information system, design a platform that is extremely important to establish correct information on health system, design a platform that provides less cost friendly services in a medical pharmacy, create a login and registration platform for clinic staff and patients, build a database that record all the issues concerned the patients, develop a database that holds all the information base on the context in the clinic. This research was realized through the adoption of primary and secondary sources of data collection which includes interview, observation, questionnaire, the internet and journals. The research methodology adoption was waterfall methodology. This is a web-based application project developed in PHP and MySQL Database


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Dedication                                                                                                                 iii

Acknowledgments                                                                                                     iv

Table of Contents                                                                                                       v

Abstract                                                                                                                      vii



1.1       Introduction                                                                                                    1

1.2       Statement of the Problem                                                                               4

1.3       Aim and Objectives of the Study                                                                   4

1.4       Significance of the Study                                                                               5

1.5       Scope of the Study                                                                                         6



2.1       Concept of Online Clinic Patient Management System                                 7

2.2       Types of Clinic Patient Appointment Scheduling                                          11

2.3       Methods of Patient Appointment Scheduling                                                11

2.4       Different Types of Patient Appointment Scheduling                                                 12

2.5       Analysis between Traditional and Online Scheduling                                    14

2.6       Considerations of Clinic Patient Appointment Scheduling                            14

2.7       Measurements of a Scheduling System’s Performance                                  16

2.9       The Role of ICT Medical Duties Appointment Scheduling                           16

2.10     Significant of Online Clinic Patient                                                                18

2.12     Technology that Drives Online Medical Duties Scheduling System              18

2.13     The Applications Area of Online Clinic Patient Management System           19

2.14     Summary Related Literature Review                                                             21



3.1       Research Methodology                                                                                   23

3.1.1    Methodology Adopted                                                                                   23

3.2       Analysis of the Existing System                                                                     25

3.2.1    Weakness of the Existing System                                                                   26

3.3       Methods of Data collection                                                                            26

3.3.1    Interview                                                                                                         27

3.3.2    Observation                                                                                                     27

3.3.3    Questionnaire                                                                                                  27

3.3.4    Internet or Surfing the Net                                                                             27

3.4       Dataflow Diagram of the proposed system                                                    28

3.5       Use Case Diagram of the proposed system                                                    29

3.6       Flowchart of the proposed system                                                                  30

3.7       Class Diagram of the proposed system                                                           30

3.8       Activity Diagram of the proposed system                                                      31

3.9       Sequence Diagram of the proposed system                                                    31

3.10     Analysis of the proposed system                                                                    32

3.10.1  Input analysis of the proposed system                                                            32

3.10.2  Output analysis of the proposed system                                                         32

3.10.3  Data analysis of the proposed system                                                             33



4.1       System Specification                                                                                      34

4.2       Overview of Software Design                                                                        36

4.2.1    Model Diagram of the Proposed System                                                        36

4.2.2    Architecture of the Proposed System                                                             37

4.2.3    Operational Mechanism for the Proposed System                                          37

4.2.4    Main Menu Design                                                                                         38

4.2.5    Login Input Form Design                                                                               39

4.2.6    Add Patient Input Form Design                                                                     39

4.2.7    Add New Prescription Input Form Design                                                    40

4.2.8    Medicine Detail Output Form Design                                                                        40

4.2.9    Database Table Design                                                                                   41

4.3       System Implementation                                                                                  41

4.3.1    Main Menu Implementation                                                                           42

4.3.2    Login Input Form Implementation                                                                 42

4.3.3    Add Patient Input Form Implementation                                                       43

4.3.4    Add New Prescription Input Form Implementation                                      44

4.3.5    Medicine Detail Output Form Implementation                                              44

4.3.6    Patient History Output Form Implementation                                                45

4.3.7    Database Implementation                                                                               45



5.1       Summary                                                                                                         46

5.3       Conclusion                                                                                                      46

5.3       Recommendations                                                                                          47


REFERENCES                                                                                                        48




Program Source Code                                                                                                 49




Program Output                                                                                                          52


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