A Computerized Civil Service Promotion Scheme

Otuekere Nduka Godswil | 49 pages (7397 words) | Projects


 Promotion is the gradual upgrading of the civil servants in Nigeria. The ugrading of the civil servant is a motivational incentive for greater productivity motivational needs are of total importance and significance because the success or failure of any organization is large!)) determined by the output of such organization. Organizing the promotion process has been a great problem to the Nigeria civil Service Commission. The processes involved are often inaccurate due to incorrect information information 's are collected haphazardly. The project work is aimed at revealing the benefits of computerization in the promotion process of the local government system, especially as it concerns the staff of the local government. The results revealed that PAS has not effectively been disseminated to the employees of the lower cadre or support staff yet this is the category of officers who discharge essential service tasks, inability of these officers to relate their daily activities to the strategic objectives of the ministries render performance inconsequential. Methodology is a developed study designs, research methods and measurement instruments particularly for human-related research, whether they involve a quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods approach. It is like an action plan full of short- and long-term goals. It is also a set of actions an action plan. Research methodology deals with a range of ways to make the most out of solving key research problems. It is a composite ofphilosophies, ideals, and foundations that drive the actions, the methods, which will be used. Therefore, the following softwares were used in conducting the research: MS — DOS (Microsoft disk operating system), Database: MySQL, Programming language. Java (NETBEAN 7.3.1), Server: XAMPP.

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