Civil Engineering

Effects of salt water on the mechanical properties of concrete (Case Study: Nembe Salt Water):- Ukpabi, Okoronkwo D


In this project, the Effects of Salt Water on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete was determined. For Compressive strength test, total number of concrete cubes cast was seventy two, that...

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Predicting the Unconfined Compressive Strength and California Bearing Ratio of Lateritic Soil Stabilized with Sawdust Ash Using Multiple Linear Regression:- Obimba-Wogu, J


Proper disposal of waste has been a challenge in the world today due to its effect on the ecosystem, as the gases emitted to the atmosphere poses a huge problem to the ozone layer. In a...

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Modeling Of Energy Generation From Municipal Solid Waste


This Thesis is aimed at modeling of energy generation from municipal solid waste. The area of study is a densely populated urban environment dotted with public structures and institutions...

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Application of Artificial Intelligence in Construction Scheduling


In this study, Artificial Neural Network and Neuro – Fuzzy models were developed using data extracted from a residential two – storey reinforced concrete framed structure construction...

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Optimization Of Palm Nut Fibre Concrete Using Scheffe’s Theory


In this research study, a mathematical model is developed to optimize the palm-net-fiber reinforced concrete’s compressive and flexural strength using Scheffe’s (5.2) simplex-lattice...

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Effect Of Storage Time On Physico-Chemical Properties Of Sachet Water “A Case Study Of Afikpo North Lga, Ebonyi State”


Sachet water consumption and the resultant effect on human health have prompted several studies across Nigeria. Effect of storage time on physico-chemical properties of sachet water ‘a case...

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Characterization And Cost Estimate Of Using Crushed Palm Kernel Shells (CPKS) In A Building Construction


This research embodies analysis of using Crushed Palm Kernel Shells (CPKS) as partial replacement for fine aggregate in concrete. The research is aimed at determining the relevant concrete...

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Analysis Of Risk Management In Civil Engineering Projects, Akwa Ibom State


The analysis of risk management in civil engineering projects at Akwa Ibom state was carried out. The data used for the analysis was collected using questionnaires. The results from a...

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Characterization And Use Of Cassava Peel Ash In Concrete Production


In this research work, the mechanical properties, durability and stiffness parameters of concrete in which the concrete component was partially replaced with cassava peel ash (CPA) were...

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Investigation of empirical models for Hydraulic conductivity from Grain-size distribution


Seven empirical models for calculating hydraulic conductivities in soils based on grain-size distribution were investigated in this study. The results were compared with hydraulic...

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Effect Of Desiccation On Hybrid Saw Dust Ash Treated Black Cotton Soil For Pavement Foundation: Artificial Intelligence Predictive Analysis Approach


Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based bi-input predictive models have been executed to forecast the bulk density, linear and volumetric shrinkages and desiccation cracking of HSDA-treated...

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Comparative study of multi-linear regression model and genetic programming model on the properties of A deteriorated flexible pavement (A Case Study Of Calabar-Itu Road In Akwa Ibom State)


The importance of highway pavement to human progress in terms of movement and industrialization cannot be overemphasized. Moreso is the importance of the studied highway connecting the...

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Optimization Of Geotextile Reinforced Soil For Flexible Pavement Construction


In this study, extreme vertex design (EVD) was adapted for the mixture experiment involving the clayey soils’ mechanical strength properties modification for civil engineering construction...

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Municipal solid waste management and Energy production (A Case Study Of Umuahia Metropolis)



Municipal solid waste (MSW) is described as the stream of solid waste (trash or garbage) generated by households and communities, commercial establishments, industries and...

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Effect Of Rice Husk Ash On Concrete Produced With Saw Dust Ash


Rice husk ash and saw dust ash are good materials that can supplement cement to some extent but the percentage of saw dust ash and rice husk ash should not be more than 15% of cement. For...

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Dynamic Response Of Tall Frames Subjected To Wind Load In Nigeria


This work developed a numerical model for determining the dynamic response of a concert high-rise flexible frames (tall frame) subjected to wind load in Nigeria. The model was based on the...

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Dynamic Response Of Multi-Degree Of Freedom Frames Subjected To Identical Support Excitation Due To Earthquake


  In structural dynamics, structures may be excited by two kinds of source, external loading acting directly on the super structure and secondly the ground motion acting on the sub...

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Hevea Brasiliensis Oil Epoxidation: Hybrid Genetic Algorithm-Neural Fuzzy- Box-Behnken (Ga-Anfis-Bb) Modelling With Sensitivity And Uncertainty Analyses


Convectional algorithms such as least-square and gradient descent for Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) prediction of engineering process system is deficient by local optimum...

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Higher Order (Ho4) Finite Strip Analysis Of Simply Supported Thin-Walled Box Girder Bridge Subjected To Vehicular Load


A box girder bridge is a special case of folded plate with closed cross section. Box girder bridges have proved to be very efficient structural solution for medium and long span bridges....

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Assessment Of Strength Characteristics Of Sandcrete Hollow Blocks Produced In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Capital


The spate of building collapse in Nigeria has put in the front burner the need to investigate the quality of sandcrete blocks used in building construction. Collapse and heavy cracks are...

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Numerical Modelling Of Bending Analysis Of Plates, Continuous In Two Perpendicular Directions


This work introduced a numerical modelling of bending analysis of plates, continuous in two perpendicular directions. The model involved a finite element analysis including the design of...

105 pages (20568 words) · Theses · 2 years ago
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