Civil Engineering

Dynamic Response Of Multi-Degree Of Freedom Frames Subjected To Identical Support Excitation Due To Earthquake


  In structural dynamics, structures may be excited by two kinds of source, external loading acting directly on the super structure and secondly the ground motion acting on the sub...

28 pages (21660 words) · Thesis · 29 days ago

Hevea Brasiliensis Oil Epoxidation: Hybrid Genetic Algorithm-Neural Fuzzy- Box-Behnken (Ga-Anfis-Bb) Modelling With Sensitivity And Uncertainty Analyses


Convectional algorithms such as least-square and gradient descent for Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) prediction of engineering process system is deficient by local optimum...

21 pages (14197 words) · Thesis · 29 days ago

Higher Order (Ho4) Finite Strip Analysis Of Simply Supported Thin-Walled Box Girder Bridge Subjected To Vehicular Load


A box girder bridge is a special case of folded plate with closed cross section. Box girder bridges have proved to be very efficient structural solution for medium and long span bridges....

150 pages (35801 words) · Thesis · 29 days ago

Assessment Of Strength Characteristics Of Sandcrete Hollow Blocks Produced In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Capital


The spate of building collapse in Nigeria has put in the front burner the need to investigate the quality of sandcrete blocks used in building construction. Collapse and heavy cracks are...

49 pages (9117 words) · Thesis · 1 month ago

Numerical Modelling Of Bending Analysis Of Plates, Continuous In Two Perpendicular Directions


This work introduced a numerical modelling of bending analysis of plates, continuous in two perpendicular directions. The model involved a finite element analysis including the design of...

105 pages (20568 words) · Thesis · 8 months ago
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