Applied Microbiology

Index Of Potential Contamination For Urinary Schistosomiasis In Afikpo North L G. A Ebonyi State Nigeria.


A study was carried out to investigate and identify population responsible for the potential contamination of Schistosoma heamatobium in Afikpo North L. G. A Ebonyi State. Urine samples of...

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Isolation Partial Purification And Some Properties Of Crude Gut Enzymes From The African Giant Snail (Ac1uitina Ac/Iathui) Used For Yeast Protaoplast Production


The crude gut enzyme of the African giant snail was partially purified by extraction with acetate buffer, fractional precipitation with ammonium sulphate and acetone followed by dialysis...

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Efficacy Of Plant Extracts On The Control Of Candidiasis


The antically properties of certain medicinal plants were tested. This work was based on direct invitro susceptibility testing of the inhibitory effects of the plants on Candida albicans....

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