PHY324 (Solid State Physics)


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PHY 111 General Physics


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Geophysical And Geochemical Investigation Of Groundwater Contamination By Leachate In Umuezeibeku, Umuahia, South-Eastern Nigeria


Residents of Umueze-Ibeku depend on groundwater abstracted through boreholes for drinking and other domestic purposes. However, the existence of a 15 years old dumpsite having proximity of...

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Geoelectrical Investigation Of Aquifer Potentials And Subsurface Lithology In Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic Ikot Osurua Campus, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria


The study was carried out to investigate the aquifer potentials and subsurface lithology in Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic Campus Ikot Osurua. The Study area lies between latitude 5ᴼ091 and 5ᴼ...

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The Effects Of Glyphosate Herbicides On Fingerlings Of Catfish (Clarias Gariepinus).


Glyphosate herbicide is used to kill weeds. It is known to be a contaminant of fresh water and marine ecosystem. Therefore, a study was designed to determine the acute toxicity effects of...

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Modeling Of Solar Radiation Using Modified Angstronm-Prescott Equation For Umudike


The monthly daily average solar energy parameter measured in Umudike (Latitude 05o29’N, Longitude 07o33’E and altitude 122m above sea level) for a period of forty two (42) years...

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Assessment Of Elastic Parameters On Near Surface Earth Using Seismic Refraction In Uyo, Southern Nigeria


The seismic refraction technique was used to characterise the topsoil of Nine Local Government Areas in Akwa Ibom State. The survey area lies between latitudes 4o 45’ and 5o 15’ N and...

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Flux Transmission Of Strained Band Ingaas/Gaassb Double Quantum Well Nanostructure In InP Substrate (001)


In diverse applications semiconductor materials need to be doped, sometimes to nearly degenerate  In applications such as thermoelectric, transparent, electronics or power...

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Analysis Of Aeromagnetic Data Across Parts Of Lower Benue Trough And Niger Delta, Nigeria


Aeromagnetic data obtained from the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency, Abuja were used to carry out this research. The study area is at the coordinates of 5°00′00′′ - 6°02′00′′ N and 7°00′...

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Corrosion Inhibition Of Mild Steel In Solution Of Acid And Alkaline Media Using Aloe Vera Gel


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Investigation Of Hydrocarbon Potential Of The Lower Benue Trough Based On Airborne Magnetic Method And Satellite Imagery


This research examines the hydrocarbon and mineralogical potentials of Abia State and environs which covers about 48,400 km2 and lies between latitude 50 0‟N to 70 0‟N and longitude 7 0 0‟...

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Evaluation Of Elastic Parameters Of Reservoirs In Eket Field, Akwa Ibom State, Niger Delta Region, Nigeria.


Evaluation of elastic parameters of reservoirs can be used in geomechanical modelling, wellbore stability analysis, and sanding, which can be applied in practical situation to optimize...

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Measurements And Analyses Of Noise Levels And Dose At Setraco Quarry Site, Ugwuele, Uturu, Isuikwuato Local Government Area, Abia State, Nigeria


The study involved measurements and analyses of noise levels and doses for 14 weeks in setraco quarry ugwuele uturu. The quarry site were divided into three zones, more noise zone (A),...

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Estimation Of Petrophysical Exponents In Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria Using Pickett’s And Buckle’s Plots


Estimation of Petrophysical exponents greatly affect the estimation of reservoir productivity. It is importance to accurately evaluate these exponents. This dissertation therefore was set...

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Production Of Pozzolan And Its Comparison With Ordinary Portland Cement For Building Applications


Controlled burning of rice husks at 6000C gives rice husk ash (RHA) which is properly produced to Pozzolan that is amorphous silica (SiO2) which can be added to cement for building...

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Heat Flow, Geothermal Gradient, Sedimentary Thickness And Characterization Of Subsurface Materials In Lower Benue Trough, South-Eastern Nigeria Using High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data


In order to identify the mineral prospects and potential for geothermal energy in the Lower Benue Trough South-Eastern Nigeria, through the determination of heat flow, geothermal gradient...

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Analysis Of Groundwater Quality And Direction Of Flow In Ehime Mbano South-Eastern Nigeria


This study focuses on the analysis of groundwater quality and direction of flow in Ehime Mbano South-Eastern Nigeria with the aim of minimizing cases of abortive water well projects in the...

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Wind- Induced Drift Of Metallic Content Of Continental Crust Exterior


The effect of wind on how the entrained particles (aerosols) drift from one place to another during the harmattan seasons of two different years (2017 and 2018) was considered in two...

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Development Of Hybrid Nanocomposite Corrosion Resistance Coating For Aluminum And Steel


A polymeric hybrid anti-corrosion coating was developed with varying amounts of zinc and graphite nanoparticles. The systems were prepared by blending polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with methyl...

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Investigation Of Gamma Radiation Shielding And Liquid Permeability Properties Of Kaolin, Granite And Their Composites For Radioactive Waste Management


The investigation of gamma radiation shielding and liquid permeability properties of kaolin, granite and their composites for radioactive waste management is an environmental engineering...

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Effect Of Smart Board And Power Point Instructional Tools On Undergraduate Physics Students’ Achievement And Motivation In Tertiary Institutions In Imo State, Nigeria.


The study focused on the effect of smart board and PowerPoint instructional tools on undergraduate physics students’ achievement and motivation in Imo State. The study employed quasi...

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Effect Of Phase Noise In 256-Quadrature Amplitude Modulation—A Computer-based Study


 This work titled: Effect of Phase Noise in 256-QAM---A Computer-Based Study, -4 is mainly aimed at studying how phase noise affects 256-quadrature amplitude modulation. The other aim...

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Telecommunications In Computer Networking


 For the purposes of sharing files and resources inter alia, computer or nodes in a building are networked by physically linking them together with a cable. This is called local Area...

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Construction Of Uninterruptible Power Supply Using Solar Energy


 In this work an uninterruptible power supply system that can be continually charged by the sun, has been Constructed using a photovoltaic panel regulated to desired voltage. Source...

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Computer-Aided Studies Of Telephone Traffic In Umuahia-South East Nigeria


 In this work, computer-aided study of telephone traffic in Umuahia-NITEL exchange, Southeast Nigeria was carried out to seek empirical causes to call losses. The study compared...

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