Effect Of Physico-Chemical And Biological Properties Of Aham River


The effects of physico-chemical and biological parameters of Aham River, located in Umuoke, in Umuoke autonomous community, Obowo LGA of Imo State was studied. The study was carried out...

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Extraction And Characterisation Of Oil From Seeds Of Treculia Africana And Telfairia Occidentalis


 This work was based on the extraction and characterization of oil from telfairia occidentalis (fluted pumpkin) and treculia africana (African breadfruit). The treculia africana used...

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Heavy Metal Concentration In Soil And Crops Grown Around An Abandoned Dump Site At Mbarakuma- Ubakala In Umuahia, Abiastate


 The level of heavy metals (Cd, Hg, Ni, Zn, Cu, and Pb) in soils and cassava plant from farm land around the dumpsite was detennined using digestion and Atomic 'Absorption...

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Determination Of Nutritive Contents And Natural Products Present In Bee's Honey


 Three bee's honey with different colours were collected from different locations in Abia State, squeezed, filtered and subjected to various standard methods of analysis to determine...

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Analysis Of Phytochemical, Mineral And Vitamin In Dried Leaves Of Gnetum Africanum (Ukazi) And Pterocarpus Soyauxii (Uha)


The chemical analysis of dried leaves of Gnetum africanum and Pterocarpus soyawxii gotten from Ndioro market were carried out using the method approved , by AOAC.The leaves were weighed...

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Aqueous And Ethanolic Extraction And Chromatographic Identification Of Active Ingredient From Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon Citrates),Guava Leaves (Psidium Guajava Linn )And Pride Of Barbados (Caesalpinia Pulcherrima) Lemon Grass,Guava Leaves And


The aqueous and ethanolic extract of guava leaves ,lemon grass and pride of Barbados were analysed using thin -layer and column chromatographic methods. The following bioactive compounds...

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Proximate Composition, Vitamin And Mineral Analysis Of Sweet Potato And Irish Potato


The work conducted proximate composition, vitamin and mineral composition of sweet potato and Irish potato. The parameters that were determined in this work are protein content,...

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A Comparative Study Of The Chemical Compositions Of The Fruit And Seed Of Tetrapluera Tetraptera (Uhiokirihio)


A comparative study of the chemical composition of the fruit and seed of Tetrapluera tetraptera was carried out. The results show that the fruit has a high value of crude fibre (26.20±...

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Synthesis And Characterization Of Zinc And- Copper Complexes Of 4-Amino-2-3 Dimethyl-1- Phenyl 3-Pyrazolin-5-One.


Complexes of Zinc and copper have been synthesized using 4-amino2,3-dimethyl-1-phenyl-3-pyrazolin S-one. The nature of the complexes and ligand were proposed based on infrared...

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The Physico-Chemical Properties Of Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture Umudike Fish Pond


 The physico-chemical parameters of two fish ponds in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike were evaluated. The results of this analysis show temperature range from 28 - 29...

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Chemical Analysis And Antioxidant Potentials Of Methanol Leaf Extract Of Piper Guineense


Antioxidant potentials of the methanol leaf extract of Piper guineense (Uzuza) leaves was evaluated using standard analytical procedures. Properties such as phytochemicals, proximate...

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The Efficiency Of Unmodified And Modified Garcinia Kola Pod Husk In The Removal OF Cr (III), Pb (II) and Cd (II) From Aqueous Solution.


The efficiency of unmodified (UMGK) and modified (MGK) Garcinia kola pod husk were investigated as adsorbents for removal of Cr(III), Pb(II) and Cd(II) from aqueous solution. Parameters of...

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Identification And Characterization Of Bio-Active • Ingredient From The Medicinal Plant Persea Americana (Lauraceae) (Avocado Leaves)


The leaves of Persea americana were analyzed for its bioactive compounds. The phytochemical analysis confirms the quantitative presence of flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, tannins, phenols...

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Adsorption Of Cr(III), Cd(II), Pb(II) AND Cu(II) Ions From Aqueous Solution Using Palm Trunk Adsorbent


Adsorption is the process of transferring materials from liquid phase to solid phase. In this study, a series of batch laboratory  experiments were conducted in order to investigate...

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Comparative Assessment Of Proximate, Macro Mineral, Phytochemical And Heavy Metal Contents Of Leafy Vegetables Sourced From Two Major Markets In Umuahia


Fresh samples were used for moisture content analysis. Standard methods were used to determine in triplicate the proximate, macro minerals, phytochemical and heavy metal levels. Proximate...

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Isolation And Characterization Of Bioactive Compounds Of Lactuca taraxacifolia (Wild Lettuce)


This research work was carried out to identify the bioactive constituents of the leaves, stems and roots of Lactuca (Launaea) taraxacifolia, a medicinally important plant of the Asteraceae...

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Isolation And Characterization Of Bioactive Natural Products In Justicia spicigera (Acanthaceae)


The Phytochemical evaluation of the secondary metabolites in Justicia spicigera using n-hexane, methanol, chloroform and ethanol extracts revealed the bioavailability of bioactive compounds...

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Experimental And Computational Studies On The Corrosion Inhibition Potentials Of Schiff Bases Synthesised From Linoleic And Benheric Acids On Mild Steel And Aluminised Steel In Hcl Acid Medium


The inhibition efficiencies of the two Schiff bases 2[2-diethylamino) ethyl methyl amino)-4-methy1-5-3 (3-methyl sulfanyl propy1 amino) methyldiene cyclohexdien-1-one (DEMS) and...

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Isolation And Nmr Characterization Of A Secondary Metabolite From The Leaves Of Emilia Coccinea (Sims) G.Don And Their Bioactivity Studies


Emilia coccinea is a medicinal plant of African origin that belongs to the family of Asteraceae. This plant has diverse and potential medicinal uses in traditional medicine for treating...

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Determination Of Heavy Metals (As, Cd, Hg, Pb) Concentration On Soils And Settled Dust Of Mechanic Workshops At Afikpo In Afikpo North L.G.A Of Ebonyi State, Nigeria


This study was carried out to determine the level of heavy metals concentration in soil and settled dust samples in four (4) randomly selected auto-mechanic workshops at varying depths...

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Corrosion Inhibition Properties Of Some Schiff Bases On Zinc IN 0.1M H2SO4


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Adsorption Of Pb2+, Cu2+ AND Fe2+ From Aqueous Solution Using The African Velvet Tamarind Seed (Dialium guineense)


Heavy metals which are directly discharged into receiving water bodies pollute and make them unsafe for use because of their extreme harmful effects on man. Adsorption is one of the...

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Equilibrium And Kinetic Studies On Adsorption OF Cd(II), Pd(II) AND Ni (II) Ions From Aqueous Solution Onto Schiff Base-Modified Silica.


This study compared the potential of four adsorbents: pure silica, 3-aminopropyl trimethoxysilane modified silica (APTSMSi), Schiff- base modified silicas APTSMSi-PMAPSA and...

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Synthesis, Characterization And Antibacterial Activities Of Phenylmethylidene-(1-3-THIAZOLE-2YLMETHYL) Sulfonyl Methylaniline Schiff Base and its Fe (III) Ni (II) and Mn (II) Complexes.



Phenylmethylidene-(1-3-thiazole-2ylmethyl) sulfonylmethylaniline Schiff bases [PTSA] was prepared by a reaction between benzaldehyde and sulphathiazole. Fe(III), Mn(II) and Ni(II)...

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Investigating The Chemical Composition And Biological Activity Of Stem Bark Of Buchholzia coriacea engler (WONDERFUL KOLA)


Buccholzia coriacea commonly called wonderful kola has been used in traditional medicine to treat hypertension, headache, and infectious diseases among others. The objectives of this...

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