An investigation into the adsorption properties of chitosan prepared from crab shell:- Onwubuazu, Chimaraoke G


Chitosan was prepared from crab shells using standard chemical procedures. 1 he physicochemical properties, degree of deacetylation (74%) and ash content (1.19%) of the prepared chitosan...

146 pages (23906 words) · Dissertations · 6 days ago

Chemical Studies And Antimicrobial Of The Lea Yes And Seeds Of Piliostigmathinnigi (Fabaceae):- Ejezie, Michael U


 Piliostigmathonningii is one of the African plants with numerous medicinal values in ethnomedicine. It belongs to the family of Fabaceae and can he used for treating ailments like...

129 pages (23820 words) · Theses · 12 days ago

Adsorption Of Glyphosate And Cypermethrin Pesticides From Aqueous Solution Using Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles:- Oji, Esther O


 Zinc oxide nanoparticles are known for their adsorption properties and multifunctional features that aid pollution remediation. It finds its application in the removal of dyes and...

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Kinetic studies on the removal of heavy metal ions (ni(ii), cd(id and pb(ii)) ions from aqueous solution using sphenostylis stenocarpa (african yam bean) pod:- Loveday, Kate


The potential of Sphenostylis stenocarpa (African yam bean) pod for adsorption of Cd(II), Ni(II) and Pb(II) ions from aqueous solutions was determined by batch process. The influences of...

60 pages (13739 words) · Projects · 18 days ago

Effects of Palm Oil mill Effluent on soils within Ikwuano Local Government Area:- Alaribe, Chinwe R.


The study evaluated the effects of palm oil mill effluents (POME) on soils within Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State. Soils of palm oil mill effluent from Umugbalu. Oloko, Araim...

92 pages (19952 words) · Theses · 18 days ago

synthesis and characterization of zinc and copper complexes of 4-amino-2-3 dimethyl-1-phenyl 3-pyrazolin - 5-one:- Ekwuribe Kingsley F.


Complexes ofZinc and copper have been synthesized using 4-amino2,3-dimethyTl-phenyT3-pyrazolin 5-one. The nature ofthe complexes and ligand were proposed based on infrared spectroscopy,...

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Water Quality Evaluation Of Table Water Sold In Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State:- Akabuogu Onyeka W.


 The water quality evaluation of table water sold in Michael Okpara University of purchased from one of the Shops in the Computer Village Market in Michael Okpara University of...

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Production Of Biodiesel From Palm Kernel Oil:- Anthony Augustine O.


 This work, deals with, esterification, of. palm, kernel, oil to produce palm kernel., oil methyL eater, which, is. the. biodiesel in a batch, reactor,. using 98% concentrated sodium...

49 pages (8246 words) · Projects · 18 days ago

Studies On The Proximate, Mineral And Vitamin Compositions Of Melon Seed:- Ajike, Chioma O.


Sufficient melon seed were weighed and subjected to different treatments (Roasted, Boiled, and Raw samples) to evaluate the effects of those treatments on the proximate, minerals and...

46 pages (7713 words) · Projects · 20 days ago

“Effect of processing on the Vitamin, Amino acid and Fatty acid content of popcorn:- Samuel Ugwumsinachi. P.


Popcorn is a cereal grain which is consumed by humans as snacks and it provides a good complement of nutrition. This study investigated the effect of processing on the vitamin,...

43 pages (8833 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

4-Amino - 2, 3-Dimethyl- 1 -Phenyl-3 Pyrazolin - 5 - One: A Potent Ligand For Cobalt And Nickel Ions:- Timothy, Vincent O.


Complexes of nickel and cobalt have been synthesized using 4 — amino — 2, 3 — dimethyl- 1 - phenyl - 3 - pyrazolin - 5 - one. The nature of the complexes and ligand were proposed based on...

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Chemical Investigation Of Ipomoea Maurtiana Leaves Phytochemical Screening:- Onyiriagu Joshua U.


The thin layer chromatographic investigation ofthe crude ethanolic extract and the chloroform fraction ofIpomoea mauritiana leaves, were carried out. Quantitative and qualitative...

53 pages (8251 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Physicochemical And Rheological Properties Of Honey:- Hyacinth, Gabriel ,C.


Samples of honey obtained from the Michael Okpara University ofAgriculture were analysed for their physicochemical parameters (including taste, colour, pH, conductivity, etc), GCMS...

57 pages (10948 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

The Use Of Some Aromatic Amines As Corrosion Inhibitors Of Zinc In H2SO4 Solution :- Isaac, Winner I.


The inhibition of corrosion of zinc in sulphuric acid by aromatic amines: aniline, otoluidine and p-toluidine has been studied with respect to acid concentration, inhibitor concentration...

45 pages (8521 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Proximate , Vitamin And Mineral Analysis Of Sweet Potato And Irish Potato:- Ihejirika Chioma .R


The work conducted proximate composition, vitamin and mineral composition of sweet potato and Irish potato. The parameters that were determined in this work are protein content,...

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Removal Of Lead (11) And Cadmium (11) Ions From Aqueous Solution By Bamboo-Based Activated Charcoal And Bamboo Dust:- Mgbeahuruike, Augunus C.


Studies on the adsorption capacities of bamboo-based activated charcoal (BBAC) and bamboo dust (BD) onto lead (11) and Cadmium (11) ions were carried out. Effect of various process...

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Determination Of Heavy Metals And Physico Chemical Parameters Of Some Major Water Sources In Olokoro, Umuahia-South Abia State.:- Onyemauwa, Chukwuemeka


The physicochemical parameters and heavy metals of some major watei sources in Olokoro in Umuahia South Local Government Area, Abia State, Nigeria were determined, to investigate their...

59 pages (11805 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Inhibitory Effect Of Voacanga Africana On Mild Steel In Acidic Medium:- Ogu, Chukwunonyerem


 The inhibitory effect of Voacanga africana root and stem bark extraction in 1.0M HC1 was studied using gravimetric method. From the result, the plant extracts act as inhibitor in the...

54 pages (9305 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Chemical Information From GCMS Of Honey And Its Corosion Inhibition Potential For Zinc:- Dike Chinonso. C


Samples of honey collected from the Michael Okpara University Honey farm was analysed for some of its chemical constituents using GCMS and the results obtained indicated the presence of...

69 pages (14228 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Coordination Behavior Of 4-[(7- Chloroquinolin-4-Yl) Amnoi-2- [(Diethylamino) Methyl] Phenol Towards Selected Iron, Cobalt, Nickel And Copper Salts:- Iroka, Chukwunweike E.


 The metal complexes of Ni2+, Co2+, Cu2+and Fe2+ [(diethyl amino) ethyl] Phenol were synthesized characterized by infra-red and UV-visible geometrical structures are of...

50 pages (5197 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Identification And Characterization Of Active Ingredients From The Medicinal Plant Psidium Guajava (Guava):- Kalu, Emeh J.


Quantitative determination ofthe phytochemical constituents of Psidium guajava were also carried out and the results discussed in this work. This paper was designed to develop a novel...

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The Amino Acid And Fatty Acid Compositions Of Tetrapleura Tetraptera (Uhiokiriho):- Okon, Abigail E.


Tetrapleura tetraptera fruit was analyzed for its Amino acid and fatty acid composition. The sample is composed of 59.48% unsaturated and 37.17% of saturated fatty acids. It has...

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The Inhibitive Peformance Of Irvingia Gabonesis For Aluminuim Corrosion In HCL Solution:- Agunanne Akuchinyere .S.


The methanolic leaf extract of Irvingia gabonensis were tested for corrosion inhibitory performance towards aluminium in different concentration of 0.01M, 0.05M, 0.1M HCI and NaCl....

48 pages (10406 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

Removal of CI, NO,, PO?' and SO from brewery effluents using ripe and unripe Plantain (musa paradisiaca) peels as an adsorbent :- Adeyinka, Taiwo O.


 This study was designed to ascertain the bio-sorbent potential of plantain peels on some selected inorganic anion pollutants in brewery effluent. Four different concentrations...

132 pages (30437 words) · Theses · 3 months ago

UV-Visible and Infrared Spectra Studies of Mn(II) and Cu(ll) Complexes of (2s, 5R, 6R)-6-{(2R)-2-(4-hydroxy phenyl)-acetyl] amino}-3,3-dimethyl-7-ox0-4- thia-l-azabicyclo[3.2.0] heptane-24-carboxylic acid):- Ugoamadi Chisom J.


The synthesis of amoxicillin complex of Mn(II) and Co(ll) were performed by the reaction of amoxicillin with MnCI±.4HsO and uCl±.2H5O respectively. The solubility of the complexes were...

40 pages (5995 words) · Projects · 3 months ago
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