Telecommunications In Computer Networking

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 For the purposes of sharing files and resources inter alia, computer or nodes in a building are networked by physically linking them together with a cable. This is called local Area network (LAN). But when a business venture, say a bank, grows very large such that it has branches all over the country. the need to have these branches (LAN) linked together and with their headquarters (hub) would rise in order that every node in the network would be online and on real time basis access the information in another node. On its face value it seems very difficult considering the near - impossibility of linking the LANs all over the country with cables. However with the aid of telecommunications, the LANs are interconnected wirelessly with the hub. The nodes in the network are able to communicate with each other by a defined language of communication called protocol. In a remote location, satellite communication is the only method whereby a link is established between a LAN and another LAN. The popular domestic satellite bands are the C and Ku. VSAT which is the most commonly used method in computer networking is a service being done in Ku Band. It uses small antennas about metre in diameter that offer two way satellite communications usually back to the hub and it sits on top of a building to establish a line- of - sight with hub. It was established that this all important tine - ofsight can be broken by the effect of electromagnetic interference (EMt), flying objects, weather, erectrion of high rise building etc. When this line - of- sight is broken, there would be communication breakdown in the network. This leads to the conclusion drawn here that if is the antenna that links a network in a remote location with the hub which is about the greatest disadvantages of such network.

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