‘Fabrication Of A Plate Freezer

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 It’s been difficult for the traditional freezers to reduce the temperature of a material quickly enough to the required temperature; therefore, the plate freezer was introduced. This project deals on the design and development of a locally made plate freezer with a local voltage controller, which is aimed at increasing the cooling rate of the system. In this report, a plate freezer consisting of three plates connected in series but arranged in parallel and having a cooling load of 0.371kw is to be designed with the available materials. It is observed in the system that high cooling rate was achieved but the flow of the refrigerant takes some minutes to circulate throughout the system. The system still uses the necessary components required for effective work in the system, and the main source of cooling is the refrigerant. The refrigerant used is R-134a which is now found out in market as a replacement of R-12.

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