Mechanical Engineering

Evaluation Of Plant Extracts And Silver Plasmon Potentials In The Production Of Dye - Sensitized Solar Cells


Evaluation of plant extracts and silver plasmo potentials in the production of dye-sensitized solar cell has been investigated. Dye - sensitized solar cells were fabricated from natural dye...

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Thermoeconomic Evaluation Of A Modified Kalina Power Cycle For Dual Cooling Application


The principles and operation of Kalina power cycle forms the bases for this research work. The goal is to convert waste heat from thermal power plants to useful energy in order to increase...

102 pages (17845 words) · Thesis · 29 days ago

Improved Design And Performance Evaluation Of Soap Stamping And Tableting Machine For Small Scale Manufacturers For Sustainable Development


This study describes the designed and development of an integrated soap tableting, stamping and shaping machine. The machine comprised of conveyor belt, tableting edge, compression dies...

42 pages (10808 words) · Thesis · 1 month ago

Performance Evaluation Of Power Network Maintenance Facilities In Some Airports In Nigeria


Engineering utilities are confronted with myriad of challenges that include aging infrastructure, high failure rate etc. To enhance expectation of reliability, reduce cost and coping...

88 pages (18702 words) · Thesis · 1 month ago

Artificial Neural Network Modelling Of Wind Energy Profile Of Nsukka And Umudike In Eastern Nigeria


Artificial neural network (ANN) modelling of wind energy profile of south eastern Nigeria for power generation was studied in this project. Five locations (Nsukka, Umudike, Owerri, Onitsha...

1 page (21469 words) · Thesis · 1 month ago

Development Of An Accident Prediction Model For Transport Vehicles


An accident prediction model was developed for determining the accident potential of a transport vehicle while on transit. The model identifies the various factors responsible for vehicle...

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Development And Optimization Of Inlet Area Of Active Indirect Mode Solar Dryer


The air inlet area of an active indirect mode solar dryer and product size of cooking banana (Musa spp) were optimized in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Nigeria for the...

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Exergoeconomic Modelling And Multi-Objective Optimization Of A Novel Kalina-Based Polygeneration System Driven By An In-Service Brayton-Cycle With Integrated Biomass-Gasifier


Exergoeconomic modelling and multi-objective optimization of a novel Kalina-based polygeneration system driven by an in-service Brayton-cycle with integrated biomass-gasifier was...

296 pages (68504 words) · Thesis · 1 month ago

Development Of Life Span Forecasting Model For Khs Dmg–Vf84 Bottling Line System


A life span forecasting model for KHS DMG-VF84 bottling line system was developed in this study to predict life span for a preventive maintenance planning. A Linear multiple regression...

1 page (12500 words) · Thesis · 8 months ago

Predictive Modelling And Technoeconomic Analysis For Biodiesel Production From Neem Oil


This study aimed at predicting models and techno-economic analysis of biodiesel produced from neem seed oil using catalyst derived from animal waste bones as a heterogeneous catalyst. The...

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Thermodynamic Development And Modelling Of A Novel Unified Biomass-Based Tri-Generation Energy


Population growth and economic development in many parts of the world has brought serious environmental concern, because most energy generation processes emit pollutants, many of which are...

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Performance Assessment And Ecological Efficiency Of A Brayston Circle, A Case Study Of Dry Low Nox 126mw Ge Gas Turbine


This research work, a 126MW dry low NOX (DNL) gas turbine(GT) was examined, targeting the performance assessment and environmental considerations of the plant at various conditions of grid...

1 page (13444 words) · Thesis · 8 months ago

Advanced Exergy Analysis Applied To A Biomass-Based Tri-Generation Energy System


This study applies an advanced exergy analysis to a novel unified biomass-based tri-generation energy system for power generation, heating and cooling with an even simpler cycle...

140 pages (32662 words) · Thesis · 8 months ago

An Energy, Exergy And CFD Analysis On The Performance Of An Induced Draft Wet Cooling Tower Of Warri Refining And Petrochemical Company Limited


The aim of this work was to evaluate the performance of WRPC cooling tower using energy, exergy and CFD analysis methods. To achieve this, the evaluation of performance parameters of the...

119 pages (18230 words) · Thesis · 8 months ago

Carbonmonoxide (CO) Emission Analysis From Portable Generator Powered From Gasoline Engine


The rate of carbon monoxide (CO) emission increase in Nigeria has become a global issue owing to the rate at which household and businesses use portable generator as an alternative to...

1 page (11356 words) · Thesis · 8 months ago

Thermodynamic And Thermo-Environmental Analysis Of A Solar And Biomass Based Trigeneration Energy System For Heating, Cooling And Power Generation


The study investigated the thermodynamic and thermo-environmental analysis of a solar and biomass based trigeneration energy system for power, cooling, and domestic hot water production....

95 pages (19045 words) · Thesis · 8 months ago

Empirical Analysis Of Electromechanical Properties Of Electric Distribution Cables Manufactured In Nigeria


The electro-mechanical properties of copper cables produced in Nigeria for electric power distribution were assessed in this study as a precursor to frequent electrical induced fire...

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Effects Of Process Parameters Variations And Optimization Of Biodiesel Production From Waste Cooking Soya Oil


In this study, waste soya oil was transesterified with methanol in the presence of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) as catalyst among other process conditions to produce biodiesel. Waste soya oil...

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Development and Parametric Analysis of Bambara Flour Processing Machine Using Response Surface Methodology


 This study involves development and multi objective analysis of an integrated milling and sieving machine for Bambara flour production. This will improve hygiene and reduce excessive...

132 pages (24087 words) · Thesis · 8 months ago

Multiobjective Analysis Of Grain Slurry Food Processing Machine Using Desirability Optimization Methodology


This study involves multiobjective modeling, optimization and investment analysis of an integrated milling-sieving-dewatering machine for extracting slurry food starch from soaked grains....

136 pages (21304 words) · Projects / Dissertations · 8 months ago

Modelling Of Multiphase-Downward Flow Of Co2-Kerosene-Water In A Vertical Pipe


The research studied the modeling of a multiphase downward flow in a vertical pipe using CO2-kerosene-water flow system. The objective was to characterize the transport CO2 for further...

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Evaluation Of Cassava Liquid Effluent As A Quenchant For Hardening Medium Carbon Steel


Evaluation of Cassava Liquid Effluent as a quenching media of medium Carbon Steel has been investigated. The Medium Carbon Steel Samples were heated at 950oC and soaked for 30 minutes...

73 pages (14180 words) · Thesis · 8 months ago

Cost Benefit Analysis Of Integrated Bambara Nut Milling And Sieving Machine


 Cost benefit analysis of Integrated Bambara nut milling and sieving machine was carried out in this study. This integrated machine mills and sieves Bambara flour simultaneously and...

32 pages (5108 words) · Projects / Dissertations · 1 year ago

Rehabilitation And Performance Analysis Of A Thermal Conductivity Measuring Machine


The work is centered on the rehabilitation and performance analysis of equipment that tests the thermal conductivity of solids i.e. metals, alloy, insulations etc. A feasibility study was...

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Production Of PMS Additive Using Acetone And D-limonene


 A PMS additive containing Acetone, D-Limonene and a synthetic two stroke oil was produced. This additive improves the efficiency of fuel it is used in and also serves as an injector...

51 pages (6469 words) · Projects / Dissertations · 1 year ago
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