Development Of Legume Based Chocolates.

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The conquest of the Mexicans by the spainards led to the development of chocolates, (Chatt,1953). When the spainards captured the palaces of Montezuma, they found enormous hoards of cocoa beans. It was from these stocks that the beverages chocolate (chocolatt) was prepared for the then emperor According to Chatt, (1953), the preparation was almost solid enough to be eaten. He further stated that the emperor took no other beverage than the chocolatt" a potation of chocolate flavored with vanilla and other spices so prepared as to be reduced to the froth of the consistency of honey which gradually dissolves in the metal or oftortoise shell finely wrought. The emperor was exceedingly fond of it daily consumption and two thousands more allowed for that of his house hold. The idea that chocolate and other cloying sweet (Motram, 1963) eaten last experiments with good controls lasting a year. become the favourite drinks of persons in every rank of life. A clue to their value a real of plate, which was about 6 pence in English money at that date. Human life must have been cheap for the purchase price of a slave was 100 beans. 1 was supplied by Cavendish (1586) who stated that 150 beans were equivalent to to judge from the quantity- not less than 50 jars of pitches- prepared for his own mouth. This 'beverage was served in golden goblets with spoons of the same

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