Antibacterial Activity Of Piliostigmn Thonningii, Dacryodes Edulis And Euphorbia Hirta:- Izuzu, Chimdi K.


 Antibacterial activity, Minimum lnhibitory Concentration (MIC) and Minimum Bacteriocidal concentration (MBC) of methanolic and aqueous extracts from leaves of Piliostigma thonningii,...

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Antimicrobial Activities Of Some Detergents Used In Umuahia:- Arisah, Obinna I.


The antibacterial activities ofsome detergents sold in Umuahia Main Market, were tested against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Proteus sp by agar well diffusion method. These...

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Ntimicrobial Activity Of Heinsia Crinita On Some Human Pathogens:- Martins, Uwakinyene E.


The antimicrobial activities of ethanol and cold water extracts ofHeinsia criniia on Escherichia coll. Siaphylaeocais aureus and Candida alhlam, were “lracB of the test plants showed...

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Assessment Of Microbial Growth And Survival In Palm Wine:- Nkwo, Amarachi M.


The microbial growth and survival in palm-wine was assessed based on the microbiologicaland physicochemical changes which occurred in the fermentation periods (Ohrs (Fresh), 24hrs, 48hrs,...

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Comparative Analysis Of The Antibacterial Potential Of Some Brands Of Toothpaste Commonly Used In Umuahia:- Ihesiulo, Stella C.


This in vitro study was carried out to determine .he antibacterial efficacy of different toothpaste against three pathogens isolated from the mouth (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus...

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Incidence Of Hospital Acquired Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Isolated From Nostrils Of Patients From Selected Hospitals In Umuahia:- Nwachukwu, Ihedi Kenneth K.


The prevalence ofmethicillin resistant S, aureus (MRSA) was assessed among in-patients oftwo hospitals. The swabs were cultured on mannitol salt agar (MSA) for isolation of S. aureus. 58...

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Microbial Examination Of Soybean Flour Sold In Umuahia Main Market:- Nwaru, Esther C.


The microbial spoilage of soy-bean flour was analysed The mean bacterial count was 78cfu/ml. The organism with the highest frequency of prevalence is Lai lactobacillus sp with bacteria...

Projects · 5 days ago

Microorganisms Involved In The Fermentation Of African Oil Bean Seed For Ugba Production:- Onuoha, Nnenna A.


The microorganisms involved in the fermentation of African oilbean seeds for Ugba production were investigated. This investigation revealed the presence of Bacillus,...

Projects · 24 days ago

Evaluation of the microbial contamination and critical control points of fresh meat processed and sold in Uyo, Nigeria.:- Essien, Teddy E.


The incidence and sources ofmicrobial contamination of fresh meat processed and sold in Uyo were investigated. The samples studied for processing, 90 swabs samples from abattoir floor,...

Theses · 24 days ago

Assessment Of Microbial Quality Of Commercially Produced Soybean Powder Sold In Umuahia Metropolis, Abia State:-Nwachukwu, Christiana U.


 The soyabean powder consumed within Umuahia metropo lis was assessed for microbial Quality. Out of fifteen (15) samples that were collected from Ubani market in Umuahia, five 's)...

37 pages (6470 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

d Biocontrol potential of bacillus isolated from carrot (Daucuscarota subsp. sativus):- Williams Oluomachi I.


Biological control has emerged as one of the promising alternatives because it reduces the risks of chemicals on the environment and health. The aim of this study was to isolate...

48 pages (10568 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Isolation And Characterization Of Molds Associated With The Spoilage Of Cake:- Omotosho, Titilayo F.


This research evaluated microbial quality of cakes sold in Umuahia for the presence of mold which are usually spoilage and toxigenic microorganisms. Fungi of five (5) genera were isolated...

41 pages (9146 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Bacterial Contamination Of Tooth Picks Sold In Mouau Restaurants:- Obaji, Happiness E.


 Bacterial contamination on tooth picks sold in MOUAU restaurants was carried out in this study. About forty (40) canteens and restaurants were evaluated in this study. Five (5)...

54 pages (14222 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Antibacterial Activities Of Aqueous And Methanol Extracts Of Garcina Kola Leaf Extracts (Akilu) Against Some Bacterial Pathogens:- Okwuru, Bridget C.


Garcinia kola leaf (Akilu) exhibited antimicrobial activity against both the gram positive and gram negative test-organisms at 500ug/m and 250mg/m for methanolic extract except for P....

46 pages (9373 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Isolation And Antibiotic Susceptibility Of Pathogenic Bacteria From Toilet Door Handles In Michael Okpara University Of -Agriculture, Umudike.:- Collins, Ogbonna C.


As people come in contact with surfaces and objects such as door handles, mobile phones, pens, desks, keyboards, office furniture and toilet door handles, often touched with hands, there...

25 pages (8209 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Antimicrobial Activities of Leaf Extracts of Pilostigma thonnigii (Camel Foot Tree) and Vernonia amygdaline (BITTER LEAF) on Clinical Isolates (Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli)”:-Chukwuemeka, Oluchi H



The aim of this work is to determine the antimicrobial activities of leaf extract of Piliostigma thonngii  and Vernonia amydalina. This study was carried out by drying the...

26 pages (9750 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Evaluation Of The Efficacy Of Locally And Foreign Manufactured Antibiotic Sensitivity Discs:- Chijioke, joyce N.


The study evaluated the quality of two brands of locally manufactured antimicrobial susceptibility discs in common use in southeastern Nigeria with the imported brand. The two brands are...

34 pages (12256 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Assessment of microbial load on vegetables cultivated and sold Within Ikwuano L.G.A:- Onodagu, Chijioke L.


Laboratory investigations were carried out on three different vegetable samples; Amaranthus hybridus (Green), Talinum triangulare (Waterleaf) and Telfairia occidentalis (Ugu) purchased...

24 pages (8172 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Microbial Quality Of Frozen Chicken Parts:- Horsfall, Alaenetona-a E.


Twenty samples of four different parts of chicken parts yeast and fungi load. The samples Umuahia main market, Abia State of Nigeria. The chicken parts examined were the gizzards, wings,...

77 pages (15727 words) · Projects · 1 month ago

Evaluation Of Microbial Load On Ready-To-Eat Foods Sold In Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture, Umudike Campus:- Nwalozie, Jocelyne C.


The evaluation of microbial load on ready-to-eat foods sold in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike campus was investigated. Total coliform count ranged from 3.6x 10 5 cfu/ml...

47 pages (9822 words) · Projects · 3 months ago

Microbiological Examination On Processed Garri Sold In Open Market In Umuahia:- Eleke Princess N.



The microbiological quality of garri sold in open markets in Umuahia (Ahia Eke, AhiaNdoro, Mini market gate 6 and Umuahia Main market)...

20 pages (6977 words) · Projects · 4 months ago

Antifungal Effect Of Senna Alaia On Tinea Capitis And Tinea Corporis:- Chinekwe, Amarachi


The antifungal activities ol Senna alula was investigated against four species of dermatophytes namely Trichophyton ruhruni, Trichophyton mentayyophyte, Trichophyton tonsurans and...

37 pages (5748 words) · Projects · 4 months ago

Microbial Evaluation Of Agidi, Moi-Moi And Okpa:- Anyatonwu, Chinemerem P.


The microbial quality ofselected samples of ready-to-eat foods (Agidi, Moi-moi and Okpa) was investigated. The quality was evaluated by standard microbiological methods. The total viable...

42 pages (7356 words) · Projects · 4 months ago

Isolation, Characterization And Identification Of Bacteria Associated With Otitis Media And Their Susceptibility Pattern: A Case Study Of Patients At The Federal Medical Centre Umuahia, Abia State:- Okeke, Onyinye H.


Eighteen (10 males and 8 females) ear swab samples were collected aseptically from patients presenting with otitis media at Federal Medical Centre Umuahia, Abia state, Nigeria. The swabs...

43 pages (8763 words) · Projects · 4 months ago

Comparative Antimicrobial Activity Of Some Toothpastes Used In Umuahia Against Bacterial And Yeast Isolates From Human Oral I Cavity:- Ekemezie, Chioma G.


Antimicrobial agents have been used as chemotherapeutic agent to improve oral health. This in vitro study was carried out to investigate the time-concentration exposure relationships of the...

78 pages (12874 words) · Projects · 4 months ago
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