The Effect Of Mind Maps On Junior Secondary School Students’ Achievement And Interest In Mathematics In Abia State


The study investigated the effects of Mind Maps Instructional Strategy on Students’ Achievement and Interest on Measures of Central Tendency. Six research questions and six null hypotheses...

15 pages (31794 words) · Thesis · 11 days ago

Analyses Of The Psychometric Properties Of Basic Education Certificate Examination Multiple Choice Items In Mathematics In Abia State


The study analyzed the psychometric properties of Basic education Certificate examination (BECE) multiple choice items in mathematics in Abia state specifically to determine the content...

92 pages (21916 words) · Thesis · 11 days ago

Influence Of Teacher Variables On Pupils’ Mathematics Performance In Primary Schools In Imo State


 This study investigated the influence of teacher variables on the academic performance of pupils in mathematics in Imo State. The teacher variables considered are gender,...

118 pages (29814 words) · Thesis · 29 days ago

Gender, Attitude And Study Habits As Correlates Of Students’ Academic Achievement In Mathematics In Umuahia Education Zone, Abia State


This study investigated the relationship among of gender, attitude and study habits on mathematics achievement of senior secondary school students in Umuahia Education Zone, Abia State. It...

103 pages (23777 words) · Thesis · 1 month ago
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