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Effects Of Probiotics On Experimentally Induced Trypanosoma Brucei Brucei In Indigenous Dogs


The effects of probiotic on experimental infection of Trypanosoma brucei brucei in mongrels were investigated in the study. Twenty (20) adult mongrels of both sexes weighing between 6 to 10...

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The Mechanisms Of Antidiarrhoeal Activities Of Anacardium Occidentale Leaf Extract/Fractions



Diarrhoea, whatever the underlying causes affects both man and animals, and remains a global concern, requiring urgent attention, especially among the young. The quest for a more...

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Immune response of mongrel dogs to local and a foreign antirabies vaccines and to post vaccination vitamins-medications.


Immune responses of mongrel dogs under the Nigerian environment, to the local and an imported anti-rabies vaccines (Provac®) and to different courses of post vaccination vitamins-treatment...

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The Influence Of Maternal Antibody On Vaccination Against Newcastle Disease Virus In Commercial Chickens


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Anthelmintic And Acaricidal Activities Of The Acetone Extracts Of Chromolaena Odorataand Mangifera Indica


Anthelmintic and acaricidal activities of the acetone extracts of Chromolaena odorata leaves and Mangifera indica stem bark were evaluated using standard in-vitro and in-vivo methods....

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Prevalence Of Salmonella Pullorum In Chicks Distributed In Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria And Effects Of Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum-Magnessium Silicate On Cotrimoxazole-Resistant Isolates.


Pullorum disease is important in the poultry industry because of its worldwide distribution, the huge economic losses it causes and difficulty its control poses. Aims for this study were to...

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Hepatoprotective And Curative Activity Of The Methanol Fraction Of Callichilia Subsessilis


Callichilia subsessilis (Apocynaceae) is a medicinal plant usually seen along the coast of West Africa. The hepatoprotective and curative effect of the methanol fraction of C. subsessilis ...

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Impact Of Ethanolic Extract Of Phyllanthus Amarus Leaves On Some Reproductive Functions Of Rabbit Bucks


Reproductive performance is a key factor affecting farm profitability. There is claim on the use of aerial part of Phyllanthus amarus to improve fertility, by traditional medicine...

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Evaluation Of The Healing Properties Of The Crude Extract Of Ocimum Gratissimum Leaves On Excision Wound In Rabbit Bucks


A wound is a type of injury which occurs relatively quickly in which skin is torn, cut or punctured (an open wound) or where blunt force trauma causes a contusion (a closed wound). Wound...

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The Analgesic And Anti-Inflammatory Activities Of Heterotis Rotundifolia In Albino Rats


The study investigated the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of the methanol leaf extract of Heterotis rotundifolia (MLEHR) in albino rats. Cold maceration method was used for the...

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Isolation And Identification Of Fungi Organism From Poultry Feeds In Some Selected Part Of Abia State


The advancement of poultry industry in Nigeria is interrupted by a number of constraints and outbreak of diseases causing about 30% mortality of chickens in every year. The major...

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A Comparative Bone Marrow Studies In Experimental Sub Acute Blood Loss And Haemolytic Anaemias In Albino Rat


Bone marrow responses of albino rats in experimentally induced sub-acute blood loss and haemolytic anaemia were studied. Thirty albino rats of both sexes between the ages of 10-12 weeks...

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Effect Of Gnetum Africanum On The Serum Biochemistry And Hematology Of Broilers


Gnetum africanum is one of the green leafy vegetables consumed in Africa, Asia and South America. It is now being focused globally as another promising leaf meal in livestock which is rich...

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Gross Morphological Features Of The Plexus Brachialis In The African Giant Pouched Rat (Cricetomys Gambianus Waterhouse-1840)


Due to the absence of literature on the brachial plexus in the African giant pouched rat, this study was conducted to examine the origin and distribution of the rodent’s brachial plexus....

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Histogenesis Of The Retina In African Catfish (Clarias Gariepinus Burchell, 1822)


This present study was carried out to evaluate the embryonic and post embryonic development of the retina in African catfish and also describes the age-dependent morphological...

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Clinical And Haematological Effect Of Paraquat Dichloride On African Catfish Clarias Gariepinus Juvenile


Haematological effects (Hb, PCV, WBC, MCH, MCV, MCHC) of paraquat dichloride on Clarias gariepinus juveniles was studied. 100 Clarias gariepinus juvenile fishes weighing between 102g to...

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Effects Of Sire Distance On Oestrus Rate Of Female Albino Rats Under Whitten Effect



The rat has been used as the main animal model in several studies involving reproduction because of its short oestrous cycle of 4 to 5 days.  This study evaluated the...

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Evaluation Of Propofol Anaesthesia And Its Effect On Haematological And Biochemical Blood Profile Of African Catfish (Clarias Gariepinus)


Propofol (2’6-diizopropylofenol) effectively induced general anaesthesia in African catfish in the preliminary test with mean induction/exposure (time to anesthesia) time recorded as 5.3 ±...

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Bovine Fetal Wastage In Ubakala Abattoir: Public Health And Economic Implications


The occurrence of fetal wastage in Ubakala abattoir for the period of five months was 12.2%. Most (40.3%) of the wasted Fetuses were in their first trimester of gestation while 26.4% and...

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Prevalence And Antibiogram Of E.Coli Isolates From Bovine Gastro-Intestinal Tracts From Ubakala Ultramodern Abattoir, Umuahia Abia State


The study was carried out to investigate the prevalence of E coli in gastro-intestinal tracts of slaughtered cattle in Ubakala Ultramodern abattoir, Umuahia in Abia state. A total of 150...

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