Female Headed Household (FHH) In Ikwuano Local Government Area Of Abia State

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The study investigated on coping strategies of Female Headed Household (Fifi I) in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State. The study adopted descriptive survey research design. Three research questions ancl two hypothesis were formulated to guide the study. The area of the study was ikwuanu L..G.A. which comprised of four major clans and 57 communities. Simple random sampling techniques was used to select 285 females from 986 registered population female headed household in lkwucmo LG.A. Frequently, means and percentages were used to analysis the research questions while ANOVA was used lo test the hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. The key findings of the study revealed that the reasons for Female Headed Households (FHI) in [kwuano Local Government Area of Abia State are as a result of widowhood, abandonment, divorce, migration and separation. The study revealed the challenges of female headed household (FIJ/J) In Jkwuano Local Government Area Of Abia State are economic insecurity, lack of income earning opportunities, poor social status, lack of employment, inadequate finances to run the family, lack of respect by family members/society, gender inequality, difficulty in child raising, lack of support from offspring. lack of regular income, struggling to procure food, poor access to basic healthcare and loneliness among many others. The study review that coping strategies adopted by the heads of Female Headed Households (FI Ii I) in managing their households are; involvement in daily or weekly contribution (esusu), engaging in menial jobs, gender equality, begging. trading, regular income, support from members of religious group, free access to basic healthcare. support from family members, poverty alleviation programmes for heads of female headed household, entrepreneurial skills available for heads of female headed households, skill acquisition,food service delivery, preparation of refreshing drinks, e.g.; zobo and yoghurt etc .. preparation of income yielding foods, e.g; fish balls, cakes etc, and pattern drafting using computer aided designs just to mention among others. The study recommended that Conferences, seminars and workshops should be periodically organized to heads of female headed household on how to cope with the challenges associated with Female Headed Household (Fl I I I).

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