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ENT 415 e-Business

First Examination 2017/2018 

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GNT221B (Entrepreneurship And Innovation Type B)



SESSION: 2017/2018

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GNT221 (Social Entreprenuership)

2016/2017 Second Semester Academic Session

GNT221 (Social Entreprenuership)

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Demographic Variables And Administrative Effectiveness Of Secondary School Principals In South South Nigeria


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Effect of strategic entrepreneurship management on sustainable development of agro-allied Small businesses in Nigeria


Over the years, there has been rapid and steady decline in strategic and creative thinking, decline in proper decision making by entrepreneurs and the absence of the capacity of small...

Theses · 5 months ago

Effects Of Ecopreneurship Practices On Innovative Performance Of Selected Agro-Allied Businesses In Nigeria


This study investigated the effect of ecopreneurship practices on innovative performances of selected agro-allied businesses in Nigeria.  The researcher adopted survey design. Data...

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Effect of Strategic Entrepreneurship Management on Development of Sustainable Agro-Allied Value Chain Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Delta State of Nigeria


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The Influence Of Social Responsibility Accounting On Corporate Performance.


This study sought to examine the influence of social responsibility accounting on corporate performance. The objectives of the study were to establish the extent to which waste...

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Business Plan And The Survival Of Small Scale Business Enterprises In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Selected Enterprises In Umuahia)


The research was based on Business Plan and Survival of Small —

Scale Enterprises in Nigeria. Two selected firms in Umuahia

metropolis were used. It was discovered in the cause of this...

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