Computer Engineering

Design And Development Of A Quick Response (Qr) Code With Scanner Application For Mobile Network Recharge Operations


Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) permit subscribers to gain access to the data, voice calls as well as short messaging services (SMS).  One of the frequent ways of using any of these...

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Design And Implementation Of An Intelligent Remote Livestock Monitoring System Applying Near Field Communication: A Case Study Of Mouau Livestock Farm




As the nation is emphasizing on the development of the economy with agriculture as an attendant alternative to the existing oil driven economy, it has become imperative to...

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Design And Implementation Of An Improved Gas Station Management System Deploying Device To Device Communication Technology


Manualization of the gas station management system allows a lot of shortcomings and challenges which could hinder proper inventory management, lead to theft and also give rise to inaccurate...

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Design And Implementation Of An Intranet Based File Distribution System With Multilayer Security System


In recent times, most enterprise and organizations use the internet based security systems with user information such as username and password as the login details, for security and access...

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Design And Implementation Of Microcontroller Based Power Protection And Control System


Every electrical and electronic appliance is designed to work perfectly at a certain input voltage. In Nigeria, household electrical and electronic appliances are designed to work properly...

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Development Of A Secured Web-Based E-Payment Gateway Integrating Image-Base Steganography Encryption


Growth in technology has made online shopping such an interesting thing but has introduced fraud, making personal information security a major issue for customers as well as merchants and...

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