Analytical Chemistry

Effect Of Automobile Emission On The Concentration Of Pb And Cd In Soils And Cassava Plant (Manoic Esculenta Crantz) Along Enugu- Port Harcourt Expressway:- Ekwueme, Philip O.


The effect of automobile emission on the concentration of Pb and Cd in soils and various cassava plant parts along Enugu - ยท Port Harcourt expressway in Nigeria, was studied. Surface soil...

68 pages (15898 words) · Theses · 1 month ago

Chemical Composition Of Fruit Pulp And Leaves OF Diallium guineense Plants


Diallium guineense fruit pulp and leaves popularly consumed raw by some tribes in Nigeria were studied for their proximate, vitamin, mineral and phytochemical composition. The fruit...

154 pages (18631 words) · Theses · 1 year ago
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