Industrial Chemistry

Biosorption Of Fe3+., Ni2+, Cr6+ From Aqueous Solution Using African Yam Bean Pod And Groundnut Shell


The removal of Cr6 , Ni2a1 Fe3from aqueous solution using oxatic-acid modified and unmodified Mrican yarn bean pod and groundnut shells was studied. The effects of timE, biomass...

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Characterization Of Bioactive Constituents Of Daturi Metel Linn


Datura mete! a Nigerian medicinal plant was studied. Phytochemical screening of the leaf and fruit of Datura mete! showed the presence of alkaloids (0.31-5.0%), tannins ...

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Influence Of Organizational Climate On Teachers' Job Performance In Public Secondary Schools In Aba Education Zone Of Abia State


This study evaluated the influence of organizational climate on teacher's job performance in

Public Secondary Schools in Aba Education Zone. The study adopted a descriptive survey


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