Animal Physiology

Genetic Diversity And Expression Profile Of Tlr7 Gene In The Nigerian Indigenous Chickens And Isa Brown Commercial Layer Chicken


This study was designed to assess genetic diversity of TLR7 gene and its expression profile in the Nigerian indigenous chickens and ISA Brown layer chicken. The study population comprises...

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Libido And Sperm Production In Chinchilla Rabbit Bucks Fed Different Combinations Of Panicum Maximum, Calapogonium Mucunoides And Concentrate


Twenty- four (24) sexually mature (Chinchilla) rabbit bucks were used to evaluate the effect of feeding different combination of Panicum maximum, Calapogonium mucunoides and concentrate on...

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Effect Of Administartion Of Prebiotic Enzyme On Semen Characteristics And Libido Of New Zealand White Of Rabbit Buck Showing Low Libido


Rabbits have an important role in the supply of animal protein for humans. Rabbit occupies a vital midway position between ruminants and non-ruminant animals and can effectively utilize...

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Effect Of Thyme (Thyme Vulgaris) And Dietary Protein Levels On The Physiological Characteristics Of Nigerian Local Cocks


The poultry industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the agricultural subsector in Nigeria. Rapid human population and low protein intake are some of the major problems facing...

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Performance And Early Lay Characteristics Of Local And Crossbred Chicken Genotypes Bearing Plumage Modifying Genes


The study was conducted to determine the performance and early lay characteristics of local and crossbred chicken genotypes bearing plumage modifying genes. A total of 170 F1 progenies...

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Evaluation Of Growth And Prediction Of Body Weight With Morphometric Traits In Broiler Chicken Strains


 A total of 270 day old broiler chicks comprising of 90 chicks each of Abor Acre, Ross and Marshal  Strains were used for the study. The study was carried out to determine the...

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Egg Quality Characteristics Of Cinnamon Brown Japanese Quails Maintained In Cages And On The Floor In Nigeria


 The study was designed to examine egg quality characteristics of cinnamon brown Japanese quails, and to compare the effects of the floor system and cage system on egg production. The...

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Haematological Values Of Cinnamon Brown Japanese Quail (Cortunix Cortunix Japonica) Reared On Floor And In Cages In Nigeria


The main objective of this research work is to determine the effect of floor and cage system of intensive management on the hematological values of cinnamon brown Japanese quail and to...

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Heterosis Of Body Weight And Some Major Body Conformation Traits In Crossbred Red Sokoto And West African Dwarf Goats


This research work was conducted to examine the effect of crossbreeding in improving economically important traits necessary for commercial production of hybrid meat goat. Heterosis of...

47 pages (6360 words) · Projects / Dissertations · 1 year ago
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