Anxiety And Goal Orientation As Correlates Of Academic Self-Efficacy And School Adjustment Among University Undergraduates In South-East, Nigeria


This study investigated anxiety and goal orientation as correlates of academic self-efficacy and school adjustment among university undergraduates in South-East, Nigeria. Twelve research...

231 pages (59807 words) · Projects · 1 year ago

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy And Social Skills Training On Self-Concept Of Orthopaedically Impaired In-School Adolescents In Imo State


This study thus investigated the efficacy of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Social Skills Training in enhancing the self-concept of orthopaedically impaired in-school adolescents...

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Pornography As A Correlate Of Psycho-Social Adjustment Of Secondary School Students In Imo State


The study was aimed at examining the relationship between pornography and psychosocial adjustment of secondary school students in Imo state. The study was guided by four research questions...

85 pages (18067 words) · Theses · 2 years ago
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