Savings And Borrowing Behaviour Among Farm Households In Abia State, Nigeria


 In this study, the Savings and Borrowing Behaviour among farm households in Abia State, Nigeria were evaluated. Specifically, the study determined the socio- economic characteristics...

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An Assessment Of Factors Affecting Gully Erosion And Its Control Methods In Three Selected Gully Erosion Sites In Abia State, Nigeria.


 Effective control of soil erosion involves the application of engineering and biological measures. The efficacy of these two normally recommended methods, was studied using three...

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Ichthyo-Fauna Composition And Physico-Chemical Parameters Of Oramiri-Ukwa River, Imo State


An aspect of artisanal fisheries and physico-chemical parameters of Oramiri-Ukwa River were studied for 6 months from January to June 2008. Three sampling stations were established along...

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Effect Of Phase Noise In 256-Quadrature Amplitude Modulation—A Computer-based Study


 This work titled: Effect of Phase Noise in 256-QAM---A Computer-Based Study, -4 is mainly aimed at studying how phase noise affects 256-quadrature amplitude modulation. The other aim...

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The Effect Of Replacing Cassava Peel Meal With Discarded Tiger Nut (Cyperus Esculentus) Meal On Yield And Composition Of Milk Of Red Sokoto Goats


Twelve lactating Red Sokoto Goats in their first parity were used to determine the effect of replacing cassava peel meal with discarded Tiger rut meal on milk yield and composition. The...

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Field Trial On The Potentials Of Some Local Plant Extracts For The Control Of Cowpea Anthracnose Disease In Nigeria


 Field trials were conducted in 2006 and 2007 late cowpea cropping season between the months of August and November in the Research Farm of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,...

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Analyses Of Investment, Risk And Productivity Among Agribusiness Enterprises In Abia State, Nigeria.


 The study analysed investments, risk and productivity among agribusiness enterprises in Abia State, Nigeria. Specifically, it classified agribusiness enterprises investment in the...

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Design And Development Of An Integrated Melon Processing Machine


An integrated melon (egusi) processing machine with output options for three important processed forms of melon- melon kernel, melon flour and melon oil was designed and developed. The...

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Production Characteristics Of Goats Fed Varying Levels Of Dried Poultry Waste In Fermented Cassava Peel Based Diets


 In two separate experiments, the production characteristics of goats fed dried poultry waste (DPW) in fermented cassava peel-based diets at varying inclusion rates were evaluated. In...

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Effects Of Supplementing Cassava Peel Meal Based Diets With Blood Meal On Performance Of West African Dwarf (Wad) Goats


In two experiments, the effects of supplementing cassava peel meal based diets with blood meal on feed intake aad digestibility by the West African Dwarf (WAD) goals were evaluated. In the...

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Studies On The Anatomy, Physiology And Prospects Of Desmodium Ramosissimum (G. Don) As A Phytoindicator And Phytoremediator On Crude Oil Polluted Soil


 In order to know the capacity of Desmodium ramosissimum species to grow and replenish in a crude oil polluted soil, an experiment was carried out. Two weeks after planting, number of...

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Emotional Intelligence As A Predictor Of Teacher Effectiveness Among Secondary School Teachers In Rivers State, Nigeria.


 The study sought to investigate emotional intelligence as a predictor of teaching effectiveness of teachers among secondary school teachers in Rivers State, Nigeria. The study was...

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Giardiasis And Its Associated Risk Factors Among School Children In Selected Communities In Afikpo North, Ebonyi State, Nigeria


The study was conducted to determine the prevalence of giardiasis among school children in Afikpo, Afikpo North Local Government Area. Ebonyi State, Nigeria. The study was carried out from...

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Analysis Of Students' Ratings On Study Habit Of Senior Secondary Schools In Imo State, Nigeria


This study investigates the influence of study habits on senior secondary school students in Imo state but was delimited to Owerri Education Zone. In carrying out this research, four...

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Relationship Between Weed Flora, Seed Bank To Soil Properties In Fields Dominated By Mimosa In Visa In Edo State


 Mimosa invisa Mart, a semi-perennial leguminous weed is a threat to forest ecosystems, agricultural lands and pastures. Research to reduce the problems caused by this weed is a...

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Influence Of Soil Nutrients And Cropping Systems On Weed Seedbank And Emergence Pattern In South-Eastern Nigeria


 Shifting cultivation is a very important strategy for weed management as it leads to weed reduction. Knowledge of the relationship between weed density, weed seedbank and soil...

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Nutritional Evaluation Of Raw Anthonotha Macrophylla Seed Meal As Replacement Soybean Meal In The Diet Of Broiler Chickens


Feeding trials was conducted using 120 day-old marshal broiler chicks to assess the quantitative replacement of soybean meal with raw Anihonotha inacrophvlla seed meal in broiler diets....

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Production And Evaluation Of A Complementary Food Using Acha (Digiteria Exile Stapf), Soybean (Glycine Max) And Coconut (Cocos Nueifera)



Different flours of acha soybean and coconut were blended in the ratios of 70:20: 10(acha. roasted soybean and coconut) sample I - 70:20: 10(acha. boiled soy bean and coconut) sample...

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Evaluation Of The Fungitoxic Activity Of Some Phytochemicals On The Causal Agent Of Anthracnose Of Cowpea, Colletotrichum Destructivumo'gara


Three plant materials Carica papaya roots and seed and Piper gilincelise seeds were assayed for phytochemicals. Tests revealed the presence of Alkaloids, Havonoids, Tannins, Saponins,...

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Evaluation Of Weed Control Methods For Sweetpotato Production On An Ultisol Infested With Panicum Maximum And Mimosa Species


Field experiments were conducted at the eastern farm of the Michael University of Agriculture, Umudike and in a farm at Uyo central in 2007 rainy evaluate the effect of sweetpotatO...

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Effects Of Cassava Varieties And Weed Control Methods On Weed Population And Seedling Emergence At Umudike, Southeastern Nigeria


Weeds are plants growing spontaneously in naturally disturbed human habitat, which interfere with the activities of man and his environment (Akobundu, 1987),In other words, weeds are...

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Capital Mobilization And Investment Behaviour Of Selected Agribusiness Firms In South Eastern Nigeria


Capital accumulation and its structure are major pre-requisites for agribusiness investment and its subsequent development. Also, capital decisions of a firm will affect the capital...

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Effects Of The Root-Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne Inconginita) On The Growth And Yield Of Hausa Potato (Solenosiemon Rotundfolius) Poir And Its Control


A study was conducted to determine the susceptibility of Hausa potato to the rootknot nematode, M incognita and possible control of the disease organism using plant extracts. in the green...

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Production Of Cellulases By Aspergillus Niger And Fusarium Culmorurn Propagated On Different Lignocellulosic Substrates


Two fungi, Aspergillus niger and Fusarium cuimorum, isolated from soil showed strong cellulase activity on carboxymethyl cellulose agar. Both fungi were subsequently studied for cellulase...

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Fasting Properties Of Lafun And Tarci Obtained From Some Of The CMD Cassava Varieties


 Lafun and starch derived from twenty eight CMD cassava varieties were evaluated for pasting, some functional and sensory properties. Result showed that: starch had higher peak...

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