Melissopalynological Analysis Of Honey Produced By West African Honeybee (Apis Mellifera Adansonii Latereille ) In Selected Guinea Savanna States Of Nigeria


Investigations were carried out on mellisopalynological analysis of honey produced by West African honeybee (Apis mellifera, Adansonii latereille) in selected guinea savanna states of...

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Performance Of Broiler Chickens Fed Three Different Leaf Meals (Calopogonium Mucunoides, Carica Papaya And Centrosema Pubescens) At Finisher Phase


A feeding trial was conducted to compare the effect of dietary inclusion of Calopogonium Leaf Meal, Pawpaw Leaf Meal (PLM), and Centrosema Leaf Meal on the performance of finishing broilers...

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Bacterial Contamination Associated With Labour Ward And Delivery Rooms In Some Primary Healthcare Facilities Within Umuahia Metropolis.


Bacterial contamination of the labour and delivery room is of clinical concern because it is one of the major risk factors of sepsis in neonates and most life threatening nosocomial...

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Quality Characteristics Of Plant Milks Produced From Blends Of Extracts From African Breadfruits, Tiger Nut, Coconut And Date Fruits


Plant milks formulated from breadfruit seeds, tiger nut, coconut and date fruit were evaluated and studied for quality characteristics and compared with the quality characteristics of a...

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Strategies For Enhancing Students’ Skill Acquisition In Clothing And Textiles Education In Universities In Rivers State


The study sought to identify the strategies for enhancing students’ skill acquisition in clothing and textiles education in Universities in Rivers State. Survey research design was adopted...

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Assessment Of The Effects Of Different Roof Catchments On Harvested Rainwater Quality For Domestic Uses In Umuahia Metropolis, Abia State, Nigeria


This study was carried out to determine the effects of different roof catchments on the quality of rainwater for domestic consumption in Umuahia Metropolis. The objectives of this study was...

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Marketing Communication Tools And Savings Mobilization Drive Of Selected Microfinance Banks In Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria


The competitive landscape in the Microfinance Banking Industry has accentuated the need for effective marketing communication strategy in the marketing of bank services. The objective of...

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Managerial Skills Required By Youths For Sustainable Rice (Oryza Sativa) Production In Ebonyi State


The study was carried out to identify the managerial skills required by youths for sustainable rice production in Ebonyi State. Six purposes guided the study; six research questions and six...

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Development Of Life Span Forecasting Model For Khs Dmg–Vf84 Bottling Line System


A life span forecasting model for KHS DMG-VF84 bottling line system was developed in this study to predict life span for a preventive maintenance planning. A Linear multiple regression...

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Predictive Modelling And Technoeconomic Analysis For Biodiesel Production From Neem Oil


This study aimed at predicting models and techno-economic analysis of biodiesel produced from neem seed oil using catalyst derived from animal waste bones as a heterogeneous catalyst. The...

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Comparative Analysis Of Growth Characteristics And Chemical Composition Of Gnetum africanum And G. bulcholzianum In Natural And Plantation Forests, In Umudike, Nigeria


The study investigated the growth characteristics and chemical composition of Gnetum africanum and G. bulcholzianum in different ecosystems in Nigeria lowland rainforest. The experiment...

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Assessment Of Factors That Promote Adult Learning In Adult Literacy Centres In Plateau State


The study assessed factors that promote adult learning in adult literacy centres in Plateau state. Descriptive survey design was used for the study. Three research questions and three null...

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Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Organizational Performance (A Study Of Nigeria Breweries Plc And Master Energy Industry In Abia State)


This study focuses on Impact of Corporate social responsibility on organizational performance and limited to Nigeria Breweries Plc and Master Energy Industry. The specific objectives...

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Sales Target And Marketing Performance Of Animal Feed Distributors In Abia State, Nigeria


This study analysed the effect of sales target on marketing performance of animal feed distributors in Abia State, Nigeria. To achieve this, the specific objectives were to; examine the...

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Performance Assessment And Ecological Efficiency Of A Brayston Circle, A Case Study Of Dry Low Nox 126mw Ge Gas Turbine


This research work, a 126MW dry low NOX (DNL) gas turbine(GT) was examined, targeting the performance assessment and environmental considerations of the plant at various conditions of grid...

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Agripreneurial Information Needs Of Small Scale Farmers For Sustainable Pig Production In Imo State


The study sought to determine the Agripreneurial information needs of small scale farmers for sustainable pig production in Imo State. Survey research design was adopted. The study had 7...

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Effects Of Processing On Nutrient Composition, Phytochemicals And Carotenoid Profile Of Two Cultivars Of Pterocarpus Santalinoides.


The effects of processing on nutrient composition, phytochemicals and carotenoid profile of two cultivars of Pterocarpus santalinoides were investigated. The tender leaves of Pterocarpus...

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Effect Of Market Segmentation On The Marketing Performance Of Selected Leather Enterprises In Aba, Abia State.


In the field of marketing, market segmentation and marketing performance have continued to receive lots of attention over the past decades and have become of great importance due to...

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Emotional Intelligence And Academic Achievement Of Senior Secondary School Students In Agricultural Science


This study investigated the relationship between emotional intelligence and academic achievement of senior secondary school students in Agricultural Science in Abia State. The study adopted...

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Access To Credit And Repayment Potentials Among Male And Female Poultry Farmers In Abia State, Nigeria


The study determined access to credit and repayment potentials among male and female poultry farmers in Abia State, Nigeria. A total of 120 (each of 60 male and 60 female) poultry farmers...

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Comparative Study Of Two Inland Water Bodies In Abia State, Southeast Nigeria.


The distribution and abundance of shell fish in Akor river in Ikwuano Local Government Area and Ihie river in Umuahia South Local Government both in Abia State were studied in this...

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Advanced Exergy Analysis Applied To A Biomass-Based Tri-Generation Energy System


This study applies an advanced exergy analysis to a novel unified biomass-based tri-generation energy system for power generation, heating and cooling with an even simpler cycle...

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An Energy, Exergy And CFD Analysis On The Performance Of An Induced Draft Wet Cooling Tower Of Warri Refining And Petrochemical Company Limited


The aim of this work was to evaluate the performance of WRPC cooling tower using energy, exergy and CFD analysis methods. To achieve this, the evaluation of performance parameters of the...

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Numerical Modelling Of Bending Analysis Of Plates, Continuous In Two Perpendicular Directions


This work introduced a numerical modelling of bending analysis of plates, continuous in two perpendicular directions. The model involved a finite element analysis including the design of...

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Analysis Of The Psychometric Properties Of Basic Science Multiple Choice Test Of National Examination Council And State Basic Education Certificate Examination 2016-2017 In Abia State


This study analysed the psychometric properties of Basic Science multiple choice test of National Examination Council and State Basic Education Certificate Examination (2016-2017) in Abia...

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